About: Asha Bhosle

Ashaji, perhaps will remain attached to the predicament, in the shadow of. There (speculated) rivalry both professional and sibling to Lataji, both perhaps caught the imagination of classes and masses. The question begs to be asked if Ashaji was to be born some other time, how much more she could have done.

Mass and class isn’t the only parameter to be judged Lata-Asha. The matter has been much speculated. There different personalities, Lataji is all austerity and almost divine, Ashaji is panache, lots of panache. It is very very difficult, to listen to Dum maro dum and not sway and to imagine not to be addicted to the voice. She sung some of the numbers which have stood the test of times. She sung for the the sex symbol of there respective times, Madhuballa, Zeenat, Waheeda, Nimmi Helen, Mumtaz, Sharmila just to name a few. It is fair to say, Ashaji voice only added to their charm, allure and oomph

It is tough to even select songs, she has sung more than a few. Wiki claims her to be the record holder for singer with most recorded songs. The number goes beyond 12000 if wiki could be quoted. The spectrum of her voice is her signature. The facet that most of her songs are still remixed and remade and redone, is testimony to the composers singers and lyricists of that bygone Golden Era of 1950s and 60s. She herself adapted to the changing music scene and re done some of the songs, and then also turned out, groovy songs for the popular culture. She has perhaps song for generations of heroines, sung for their mothers, then for the daughter. 60 long years into professional playback.

Dum maro dum
Aaye Meherban
Paan kaiye sayiyaan
Reshmi salwaar
Chura liya hai
Peeya tu … ab toh
Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo (my mother favourite song)
Aajaa Aajaa

The list is endless. Some of those are all time favourite clut classic songs.

Wishing her a belated birthday.

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