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The motive for not updating as regularly as I want is the same. Anyways, I was just thinking of the same couple of things I wrote in the end of the last blog (one before the last post, actually). I think we all are playing to a certain gallery and worried so much playing to a certain section of the audience (here, the gallery) that we forget what we have to do and try to catch the attention of the audience. It is simply so easy to equate not getting a fruitful/positive/appreciating response to bad luck. It is so easy to dump our short coming to some external agent or event. I believe those are good are always good. Mean while I am too learning not to point ot channel my failures and disbelieves to certain other or the gallery.

Write something for your own good

Sometime you sit down on your terminal (laptop, desktop) etc. You just sit ideal and hope some where a lightening would strike and things just flow. Never does that happen. There are other times when you just happen to start right something and things start popping in you ahead like a pop corn machine and one things lead to another and here you get a good post. You may not write everything you ever wanted to write but a great amount of satisfaction is drawn. You afford your self an wry smile if not a grin reading what you have written. Then there is read cherry on top of the cake moment when the seamless unbound post attracts a few reader a few comments and all.

Dont only work out, laugh it out

The other aspect, when was the last time you went to bed free of worries with a little chuckle and burst of laughter and woke up feeling just right? Or waking up to another morning and bursting out laughing at what you have been misdoing and screwing it up for past couple of days. I think increasingly, seriousness which we pay to life is a little to over board. I wish to remind you that being humourous isn’t about being casual. You have to be seriously humourous and not casually or else you will see and hear the devil in you laughing in your dreams.

I was wondering if the silver lining in the dark cloud is humour. The dark cloud often leading to complicated situations. If those situations have come up with my own undoing then I should sort it out. When that’s done I should exhale with a deep breath, and understand what almost lead me to screw it up. If it is not my doing and I can afford a few minutes enjoying laughing on the situation and soon the light of hope will rush through tearing the clouds of dismay. The dark phase in life, could be for two reasons, either the situation is dark or you have closed you eyes so tight that you cant even imagine light even in your thoughts. That shouldn’t be.

Laugh on laughing clubs

No wonder that laughing clubs here in Mumbai are so popular … people go out there and just laugh. lol. I can just imagine what a laugh riot are. People just gather in small parks and garden. Its not that I go there every day. But I feel odd when I don’t have fair share of laughter in a day. I have fair share of it in the college. One it can be some one who genuinely stamps their own feat or it is the proff who teaches us or it is just a group of people who sit around and run amock.

Health is wealth, laughter is the best medicine. Spend some time alone and just laugh.

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