Blog: Speeding weekend

It is a welcome to Monday morning. Well, at most time you dread the Monday morning,it is one rush of blood you want to avoid at every given opportunity. But if your weekend was well spent, and channel surfing didn’t cross your mind, you have go to confess, it was a weekend well spent.

Wine flew and mates.

A trip to Pune was in the offering for a while now, had long weekends here on consecutive weeks, so it just happened that things fell in the right place, including the bus tickets, the glasses of beer, the chilly chicken etc.

Go Pune, meet Sudeep.

A few phone calls were exchanged and an Ice-cream palour was decided. I was expecting to meet Sudeep but not expecting the shower, a quick chat and a photo-op. I was in a hurry, had fixed more botched meeting with a few friends. The rain came like it never did this year, under a canopy we chatted for a while, before I realized that I was cold and ice cream began to freeze again. What followed was another meeting with my ex-room mate from my college days. Five of us in all, each of us, making frantic phone calls, to decide the guest list. In the end, all (read only) five of us, went ahead, headed a heafty dinner.

The cold weather in Pune, made for a pleasant change. Mumbai was hot when I left for Pune, on Friday morning. But it was a pleaseant stay. I am not sure weather I wanted to freak out, but met friends from college times, found myself unwinding enough. It was a good break, you know, out of the ordinary kind a thing. The drive back thorugh Lonavala was so amazing. The bus drove on the curving roads on hill tops and clouds floating below, setting sun. There was some very picturesque scenery on the offering. I didn’t have my camera though.

The rains, since then haven’t stopped, it was thundering and raining all though the night. It always rains on Monday morning and Friday evening, right?

Say hello to Monday and the week.

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