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I got a bit late to post this particular post.15 October was Blog Action Day, check out the website. The topic for this year is climate change. When one talk of climate change the following comes to mind, carbon cycle, green technology, pollution, mean thinking.

Carbon cycle.

Understand one thing, everything in universe is going round, what happens is the environment is processing everything within its realm. If you could imagine, there is carbon present in all thing living and non living, it’s in a compound form with other elements, namely, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and others. We (read all living beings) consume food, use Oxygen to digest it or use Oxygen as a key to release the locked energy in food. This results in carbon di oxide and other gases, organic and inorganic. This carbon gets into the atmosphere and water bodies and prove to be a key ingredient, for plants to turn CO2 (cabin di oxide) into organic forms what you and I see as fruits vegetables flowers and others.

For more detailed (read correct) explantion check Google and Wikipedia.

This is how the cycle behaved for a long while, before we started abusing carbon rich fossil fuels post industrialization era resulted in more carbon, being released, unwanted cutting down of trees resulted in continuous release of carbon with no way turning it into organic form. This in a way, results in rising temperatures, which induces a chain reaction of its own, a few could be rising sea levels, more intensive cyclones, droughts, a number of flora and fauna going instinctive, depletion of the know famed Ozone layer and various other catastrophes. This all is occurring together at real time as I write this post. The scientist fear the worst, n some way, it may have changed your genes and may alter evolution in some form or another. After all we too are result of this alteration of genes, which lead evolution that gave (mistakably?) rise to species which resulted in us Humans.

There is a lot at stake. That’s to put matter mildly.

Green Technology.

This one is also about green shoots of a different kind. This is nothing but harnessing using, existing energy around us, like sun light, winds, tides and geo thermal energy. It can be used to produce electricity, or cooking (in case of solar heater). Kudos to all those who go sailing and don’t use fuel. In days older the sepia toned snaps; ships use to travel using winds of the ocean. Well the technology can be used either to produce electricity to be used in homes and offices etc. or various other purpose. Green technology must be used to make present equipments we use and make them more efficient so as to make them consume less energy.


Lot can be done here. I will focus on water pollution, especially industrial pollution. I have travelled my share in trains and road and travel daily. I think purely on the basis of economics, I think there is lot of scope if promote schemes that will help reduce water pollution. Sewage water treatment plants in cities, in societies will be very helpful but may yield result only after 3 to 5 years. I mean imagine, every society in suburbs of Mumbai, storing rain water, purifying it with separate lines for consumption or cooking and other line for other various uses. The water for bathing and other being reused. It will help reduce water consumption and help in reducing pollution. It may prove to be costly in near terms but will defiantly help if we keep using and updating technology for say twenty years. I think it make sense.

Mean thinking.

Stop taking receipts at atm. Avoid hot showers, anyways the tap spew hot water after 11 in the morning (that’s for tropical country like India). Check you expenses online. Don’t print emails and messages mercilessly. For once before driving anywhere can you walk down and perhaps the world isn’t falling apart. Keep electrical equipments switched off and pull the plug out of the socket. Don’t keep the fans and tube lights running. I hate running taps.

Second Edit

For more,read the link from Project Syndicate.


Keshi said...

How r ya Mr.Tarun?

ur suddenly being a great environmentalist? WOW good on ya! :)


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Environmentalist or not, just a post. I thought, i too shold add my proverbial two cents.