Blog: Overanalyzed and under achieved

I was wondering if we interpret the world around us, as an outward projection of our thoughts biases and prejudices. It the world around around us satisfies the matrix of our thoughts, prejudices and biases, then it is good and we all are happy. I hope that isn't true.I hope I never formulate this matrix. For all this while, i.e. for a long time, the outward projection thought didn’t struck me as bolt of lightening. I don’t know if it is bad. After all, the brain sees what it chooses to see. Where time is of essence; being on the button is desirable. The more desirable to that is to understand haste makes waste. Yes all of our lives are over analyzed and under achieved. For many in this world going through a day safely is an achievement, for some earning a square meal are the highest echelon of achievement, there are those like me as well, who still pondering why things are the way they are. At times I feel so spooky coz I know or see things coming before many around me realize what lies ahead, its not correct always,but I get jitters when it is correct. Like so many things around it is is not something I acknowledge to myself. I am increasingly thinking of keep my thoughts to myself, No I haven't found a treasure map, at least as I write this post. Some times blurting things out is the most valid proof of you being stupid. This time around, I don’t want to stump myself by blurting it out.

But yeah like many I do keep getting those weird type of bolts of thunder lightening. I also get those sinusoidal waves or cosine waves. You feel distraught and when the worst come you decide to stand of your two feet and take control.

Then there is a cross between, wanting your blog to read by many but not everyone, who breathes in your closest realm.
  • More on that some other time, weekend is here and provides a window of an opportunity to catch up with old mates. Beer, chicken and some food for though on cards.
  • At times a half a page of blog weighs much more than a tonnage of a long post.
  • A day spent without laughter is a day wasted.


Keshi said...

hows u Tarun? Came to say Hi cos u 'whinged' abt me not being around to publish my comments hehehe ;)

The reason that I cant publish comments as regularly as I used to is cos now Im not as regular in blogs as I used to be :):):)

**At times a half a page of blog weighs much more than a tonnage of a long post

very true! Content wise.

hv a good wknd! TC n yes laugh it off! Nothing's worth the drama. ur so right. :D


Tarun said...

For a change (in a long time this,) need to have a good weekend or else the coming week may be a drag...