Blog: Do Lives move on?

For the moment, my twitter account and FB updates are eating into my blogger account, I managed to sync, twitter and FB so these days blogs are seldom happening, meanwhile FB status updates and tweets are riding the crescent of the wave so to speak (read update). As wheel of time has moved on, an year has gone by since the dreaded 26 November 2008. I managed to watched some documentaries on Nat Geo and Discovery, and felt cold blood running through my veins and I gnawed and ground my teeth in utter frustration and dismay at what I heard and saw on the TV set. I mean yes people attacked, and there are a courageous few who stood up in the faced of death. Not many would remember there names, but a few lives were forced to change their course forever.

Personally for me the following have no proof, but I consider these as refutable.

  • It wasn’t an act of terror; it was an act of War.
  • Mumbai in spite of being in most vulnerable didn’t not learn from the past and rather chose to remain stoic.
  • I simply cannot believe there were no intelligent inputs, ground support for the shams which were perpetrated.
  • Bullet has no name; people of all kind were struck down, no ones safe.
  • Our Police Laws which were supposedly framed in 1860 (A.D.) and consequently remained unchanged for what seems to be forever need a major re-haul ASAP.
  • No one is accountable - police, politicians, pot holes.
  • R.R Patil came back to become the Home Minister, iss des mein aisi chhoti naatein hamesha hoti rahengi.
  • I and you need to look at ourselves and define our (Mine and Your) role in the society.
  • I am not sure who is guilty of what, but I am beginning to feel the guilt of a shameful citizen.

There is another thing which am I truly misunderstand, the stance of every scribe and anyone with a mic in his hand and camera on his face screeching the resilience, and all that noise, exclaiming how the city has moved on and how it simply won't bow to anyone, etc. I mean as if there is a choice. I guess not, whatever happens life just moves on and we should take the cue. Simply not done. One more question to ponder, if News Channels now, are more entertainment then information. Considering some news channels are just alive because of sites like Youtube etc, I prefer to look at the source itself. Blogs are updated faster while it takes time to copy those and mutilate them and turn them to feeds for News Channels.

A line from the movie Patriot come to my mind, "Why should I trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away?"  

26 November placed a scar in my mind. The ill preparation, casual lack of purpose and deeds of people in post responsibilities hurt me more than misdeeds of Commandos who posed as terrorists.

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