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Raju Hirani again pulls out a rabbit from the hat. Wonder if wake up Sid + Taare Zameen Par = 3 idiots. I mean I am not comparing the plots frame by frame, but certain hues out of those movies do match in weird ways. Taare Zameen Par, convinced every child is special, it showed how the kid pretty much through practice, and dedication and interest exhibits his creativity in form of paints and sketch, Wake Up Sid was more about utilizing the best you have. Both the films, do make a certain point that failures must not be a roadblock for you as a person to explore new ideas.

Aamir Khan plays almost a dream merchant and the drama revolves around him and almost like a dream merchant he plays a be good do good to various characters in the movie. There won’t be critical evaluation, of the whole movie or I may not describe you the best scene or song of dance. I would instead try to recollect and place my own, example as the movie goes forward.
I did remember the days back, when even I was a young bloke in hostel, gullible but gregarious. I too have a few good and fond memories and few not so proud moments, some of the incidents in the movie were hilarious, but then bit dramatized. If drama is absent then the movie is reduced to your favourite actor sans their make up. Reality punches the breath out of your lungs.

Some incidents were parallel, not exact but yeah fun. But three hours a bit downer and I don’t know why the ticket prices are jacked up. I mean come on man, Rs 250 and three hours out weigh the movie, in my opinion. But now are the days when product could be sold or bought on attribute of packaging. The movie is light hearted. People have done a good job, as the movies fold and unfold in different ways. It does reconfirm my view I had formed back in college that I met some incredible people back then some great pals. I mean since all of us were in the same boat, we could obviously relate ourselves to each other. Anyone who lived and studied hostel won’t just say that they just did their graduation. At least sub consciously they knew, they learnt to navigate through life.

It is good fun to see the movie and understand in different ways people behave and act and react. But then I don’t get paid to write reviews. There is more than conviction required to say “All is well.” which is the mantra of the movie.


Anonymous said...

Hey i am going to watch it tomm. Looking forward to it so much. cant wait till tomm.

Keshi said...

It's all Psychology :)


Blog once a month in 2010? mmm not sure abt that but lets see ok :) tnxx mate! All the best too!


Kunal said...

hey nice thoughts on 3 idiots...m sure the movie is going to win oscars this time...too optimistic huh :))