Cricket: A forgettable win

I think India looked to haul out with relative ease but Sehwag’s magnanimous comments, left much for desired. There are ways of saying this, but his rather cavalier attitude and his comments left me in stark embarrassment. I just hope it’s out shear rustic ignorance more than anything else. India may have won but Test wins are to be enjoyed by the fans as much as by the players involved. This particular one win would better bury soon as India move on to Dhaka for the next match.
Sehwag’s average was 11 against Bangladesh before this test match.

Ordinary first innings for Indians

Tendulkar played reminiscent of old, almost seemed to turn back the clock more than 10 years. He has now looking to leave those forgetable last couple years when his bore the brunt and tennis elbow, etc restricted his game. But he seems to be recovered from those times and now scoring and stamping his authority. He found himself with innings in tatters and played some attacking authoritative cricket shorts, those you would typical label Tendulkar's brilliance. Indeed it was nothing short of brilliant. The famed Indian middle order buckled due to heavy lunch, questionable shots (Sehwag and Gambhir), incisive Bangla bowling (Dravid, castled) and some misfortune Laxman. Shakib and Shahdat deserved the wickets they got. The pitch only helped the Bangla cause, so it seemed.
Tendulkar provided with saving grace of 105 not out. Ponting is almost within touching distance in terms of number of Test centuries (only). It would be interesting to see if Tendulkar will last longer than Ponting. I hope he does out last Ponting.
India hot out for 240 plus.

Bangla innings run into predictable course.

I wonder if there is any 4 days game in Bangla first class system. Otherwise batsmen seem to dabbling into too many strokes and undermining their own potential. I mean they just should look to stay in. Don’t score runs, forget it but just stick on to the wickets and learn the tricks of trade.
Zaheer was looking very good so was Ishant. Mishra chipped in with a couple of wickets. Mahumdullah looked good but then Bangladesh innings folded relatively soon and gave India just a run lead.

India cement there second innings.

Although it looked like a procession, the night-watchman Misra looked good will he lasted notched a good 50, which would have given him a boost. Sehwag hit himself out with a nothing shot. Shakib enjoyed taking Sehwag’s wicket second time in the test. Rahul Dravid should be kicking himself at the reckless manner he got out. A few seemingly inexpensive embarrassing moments get swept under the carpet of victory but That mistake would have been very interesting against someone like SAfs, who are touring India next. One mistake Dravid would like to keep in mind and mind him not to repeat. Laxman tried to leave his mark with a laboured fifty. India almost batted out Bangladesh.

Gambhir is in some serious form.

He is perhaps the best batsman in every form of the game for India, provided Dhoni doesn’t want to throw his hat into the ring for this debate. India should try opening with Sehwag and Gambhir even in ODIs. Tendulkar to follow close. Gambhir has hit some 8 test centuries in last 10 Test spanning across 15 months. His last five test appearances have got him 5 centuries. It is amazing. He is a perfect foil for Sehwag and look to garner more strike if realizes Sehwag is too hot and may explode. Just imagine Sehwag still standing in the middle with a bat in his hand after 30 overs or 100 balls on his own. Gambhir mean while compiled a good century to fortify Indian position in the second innings. After that the result proves to be more than just a formality.

Welcome back Ishant 

Nothing to do with Taare Zameen Par out here. Lad means business. I think he is crucial especially in fourth innings. I mean I always have felt he impress me very much by his fourth inning's performances. I remember him denting the top order when India toured Lanka last. I won’t mind seeing him missing a few ODIs. His average i.e. runs conceded for every wicket is at 24 for India in a winning cause. His average in the fourth innings also hovering around 24. So if he bowls his best in the fourth innings of a match, he is likely to sway the match in favour of India. I have him in my sites, more on him later.

Pakistani players not in IPL :)

I am really happy they won’t be playing here. I am not jealous of them being the world champions. Don’t get me wrong I think Pakistanis unique ability to find some gifted crickets and some how shooting themselves in the foot every time keeps me glued to Pakistani cricket. I don’t think the atmosphere is right for them playing to be in India, there could have been a serious backlash. I also don’t want India media to hype the issue. I am certainly happy that they are not here.
After 26/11 Pak Gov disallowed them to play in India citing security reasons following 26 November, when IPL shifted to SAf, Pakistani players made a bee line but were denied permission to play. I think they would be better playing some league cricket and earn their chewing gum allowance. In equal fervour don’t imagine hooting for Aussies players.

I am particularly happy for guys like Pollard and Eosin Morgan, Bond. I hope Morgan gives some solidity to Royal Challengers Bangalore. Pollard, Bravo, Nayar, Duminy in middle order for Mumbai Indians sounds interesting.

A wishful 2010 for all

I was busy with exmas, so didnt post a blog wittingly,not that my exams are over now, but few reastless nite and then back to the grind or a break depending upon the mood I am in.
It is way to late for wishing Happy New Year, but then, I hope this is a fulfilling year for everyone. At least on personal account I hope this year is fulfilling for me.

On a sad note, my heart goes out to people who suffered in the Haiti earthquake perhaps one of the worst natural disaster after the dreadful Tsunami.

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