Blog: Unfazed and unfaced

Everyday is an evolution, sunset to sunset, sunrise to sunrise. One of the amazing things is how chaotic things are and they follow such a pattern even when everything around us seems to be completely random. At times it’s just so easy to formulate, at most times it is so difficult to imagine. Its amazing how we ignore, things right in front of our eyes, and right beneath our noses.
I learnt something today, something which I thought I knew, but never acknowledged. If you have to learn to think out of the box, first learn what’s inside the box, arrange the grey matter inside the box, perhaps the key to open the box is to find the keys inside, opening the box from outside is easy but to unpack is far difficult.

Is time really running out? The hard you hold on the more the grains of sand clasped in your hand seem to slip out. It seems life just such an ominous beast that you dread it and loathe it. But at times it is a challenge. It makes you feel like a craftsman sitting besides a potter wheel. It is so serene at times. For now, the immediate, my goal is being less dependent on chance and fate and more dependent on things which my result in pushing forward rather than sitting on my brains and rue life.

I have never rued my life or the circumstances, what happened had to happen the way it did. All of us have seen and gone through good and bad times. I for one must thank everyone around me. I have a blessed life, considering the fact that for half of this world, basic amenities are luxury. I have a place to call home and humans to call my own loved ones, family and friends. I have always wished them good. I may not be in agreement always but I fully respect the person and their ideas and opinions. It is so easy to ad rib someone not everyone takes it the way it is dished out.

Thinking too much and doing too little. I often wonder why I get suffocated things about my life. Will I just lead my life meandering along?

Song from the movie Saathiya,Composer:AR Rahman,Lyrics:Gulzar,Singer:Sadhna Sargam.

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