Blog: A step forward

I resisted post a blog for a long time. Cricket post were there, coz India played well. I was busy with exams, but then nows the times ripe to post something apart from cricket. It is amazing how the time seems to be just write when u actually look forward to it. I happens to me especially when I am about to leave or travel to someplace I have been planning to go for a while. I mean like, the last time I went to Jaipur, I could literally visualize myself, going to Jaipur, pack my bags, etc etc days before I actually undertake the journey on the given date. Since I had reiterated the same scenario myself the day when it actually, you feel so ecstatic and relieved about it.
I guess similar the case with this post, only think different is that I saw myself just writing the first paragraph. Is that besides the point?

Often the blog page seems to be like a box file of ones diary pages. You know box files … big heavy files with lot of papers arranged and file as neatly as per chaos prevailing at the time of filing the latest entries. And as you may glance back you have have some thing nice to remember or something you would wish never happened.

Job hunting is the buss word, nothing in relation to a certain Mr.Jobs or his ochard and the freaking new Apples he seems to bring out year after years bringing delight. iPad is out, more later may be. Not that I can claim to be a techno-junkie myself. But some day I shall love to have it too.

Real time is the buss word, I think I must start living in the real time as well.


dolly said...

Nice one ..... :)

v said...

Really nice post. I got a buss out of it.

Tarun said...

@ Dolla: Thanks :D
@ V: Welcome.