Cricket: India won, Sachin shone


India won the match, but for every once in a while in a team game someone comes along, who almost seemed like the one for whom prophecies are voiced and then one prophecy fulfilled leading him to another and a protégé metamorphised into a marvellous genius capturing amazement unlike previously imagined. It's a road not all willingly take, the some who do willingly take up the gauntlet,face a lonely climb up, hide there tears in pain and misery while lighting warm candles of affection and spreading the cheer and joy for others who follow. The Pantheon of Cricket won’t be complete without Sachin and yes, when the Pantheon is assembled Sachin’s statue would be humble and selfless and would continue to shine with an aura that no eye would afford to miss.

Sachin is a great genius and outstanding champion cricketer. His feats will make you wanting to know more about his ways,mannerisms etc. I think his humility, his respect for the game, his attitude towards the game and life that pleases and amazes me the most. I mean I don’t think I have seen/known many people who have achieved even close to the quantum of what Sachin has seemingly achieved so easily and be equally humble while he did what he did on teh cricketing field. His achievements and his humility add to his never wavering aura. There are many champions, who have come and gone, not many have achieved so much and at the same time lasted so long without being seduced by charms of fickle flame of fame. Sachin has lived more than half his life, more than two decades in public life, yet remained practically aloof, never was anywhere near controversy or did anything that would make u raise your eye brow. I think this makes his achievements more special. I don’t know if any book on cricket records would ever mention the pressure, the emotion and tears of joy when Tendulkar scored (centuries).

Even in this particular innings, he batted and scored half the runs of the team, yet not many who saw would realize that when he was nearing his double century, he was just pushing himself on will. He ran and sashayed down the pitch he pulled, swilled, ran for his partners apart from himself, a tremendous physical effort. In the end he came to field, and at the end of the game he said he would like to bat for another 50 overs and see how his body copes up. I don’t think his body matters anymore, he is walked away from the physical to the metaphysical will mind, body soul are in sync and things happen the way he want them to happen. I may be painting eloquence but then in last 12 months or so what Tendulkar has done over so many years cannot simply be done on the basis on healthy body alone.

Sachin’s in supreme form physically and seem to be winding the clock back dozen of years ago. While a few years ago people imagine his body not being able to bear the brunt of the rigours of the game, he restricted himself of the strokes that carried his signature but now in the present he has reinvented himself and looks more solid, capable of changing years and controlling the direction and flow of the game.

All things said and done, yesterday I would have loved to see him bowl and take couple of wickets just for fun. I guess 200 not out wasn’t enough. But then he over compensated and made up when he was stranded run out. He more than made up with a 200 not out, something that was never ever done in history of ODI cricket. Perhaps it may be done in times to come, but he would always remain the first to do it.

Yes a few more men played the innings, perhaps helped Tendulkar as booster rockets put satellites in space. Karthick if fast putting up weight of runs for a selection in the team with some splendid performances He batted well and just got well along with Tendulkar and kept the score to tick along. He was looking for more than a 79, yeah it wasn’t to be. His wicket saw entry of Yusuf Pathan, shrewed Dhoni’s hand in that is hard to miss in that decision. Pathan played himself in and was soon raced along to a good 30 odd runs; Tendulkar kept smashing it all over. Dhoni came to fore and just up the ante in double quick time; Tendulkar by now was looking ever more patient and focus to get to a coveted double century.

South Africans overawed with what they say just wilted under weight of expectation of scoring over 8 an over before even a ball was bowled. Devilliers put up his hand to score a good hundred but then he was a lone ranger. Tendulkar etched out a special innings. I hope the dust of adulation and admiration never settles. All I wish to say in the end that I wish I too was as humble as Tendulkar, the most worshipped cricketer the game of cricket has seen.

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Abhishek said...

nice...yes sachin could have bowled n surely he would have taken a few wickets