Hockey: India drag flick Pak

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Indian hockey may not be in ascendency but the plight and hue and cry makes sure Indian hockey has it won following. India’s national sport is hockey or field hockey. I think all those guys pursuing hockey are winners, the results don’t matter to me. I don’t think there is a lack of talent in here for any sport let alone hockey. Why government is running sports? The question is to be asked. It is amazing that all sports bodies are headed by some politicians. It is appalling. Only the Babu and Neta get something. We send huge contingent to Asian and Olympic Games and yeah a small fraction of the group also actually takes part in the respective game. It has to stop.

There is nothing wrong with the talent or other things. I grew up in a school in Mumbai that had a rich tradition of hockey. Nothing comes close to India Pakistan matches, but when it came to hockey and football rivalries our school and the arch rivals were not far off. It uses to be such a high. I never tried my hand at hockey. But then there are many things I have not tried and for some there is deep sense o regret.

Let’s focus back on the issue. I am proud of writing this post and salute every player who put in sweat and tears for the country. I think the wanting to play make them winner for me. I am cricket fan, I am an India. I love hockey too.

Virender Sehwag or no Virender Sehwag I would have watched the match anyways. India and Pakistan slug it out for the first match. India and Pakistan will create hysteria and push up the decibels even if they were to play a game of chess. Hockey has been one of the bitter rivalries in sport. India hadn’t won against Pak in last three encounters. The nerve started to jangle as soon as Indian National Anthem started playing. I just felt the sense of purpose on their faces.

First half

I switched it on a little late, had to attend Holi celebrations. I think a goal had already been scored; Shivendra tied it up nicely as Sandeep had flicked one penalty corner, Shivendra kept his nerve to hit the back of the net, Indians draw first blood. Then at the stoke f first half, India claimed a penalty corner as the ball struck on of the Pak players on his foot. The captain flicked one in and Sandeep whacked a full blooded stroke in the net, Indian 2-0 up in the first half. There were a few chances missed, I hoped the Indian coach sees that again, because often in case of victory lots many things are swept under the carpet.

Indian gain control in second half

Goals continued to be poured, at the start of the second half, Prabhjot not wanting to lose out, claimed another hit as India seemed to take control at the start of second half. Indian 3-0 up. India was to score one more Goal as Sandeep Singh flicked in one more goals to set an unassailable lead to the Indians. Pakis meanwhile scored a consoling goal through the enigmatic and drag flick specialist Zaheer Abbas.

Just focusing on Indian hockey, they looked good, had purpose and plan and I know I don’t watch much of hockey but I think they were incredibly fast, off course they have to keep up the tempo against other teams. India’s next match is on Tuesday. I hope they give there best and hopefully luck would favour them

I feel really proud and honoured to have written this post. I can say it a million times, well done guys, I salute you.


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