Blog: The last yard

The last yard is always the hardest to cover.Often our failures or unsuccessful accomplishment happen are simply not because we traveled so far but not making it far enough. It’s amazing how an inch can make the difference between bitter of pain and agony of failure from sweet gentle taste of victory to savour. It might not always happen for a chance but should for a reason.

Perfection is surely not a destination but a journey, I wonder what happens if you achieve perfection very early in life. Is there any thing which is early in life? What makes it too late? The journey or the path and the courage, the motivation, the determination and the hope counts for more,for these will chose your destination. It’s amazing how the answers of the outside (read materialistic) world dwell inside the heart and mind. I think one has to have standards of perfection,one which is imbibing and add positivity to thoughts, words and actions.

I want to see myself shifting from idly speaking to ideally speaking. It is so tough to disengage yourself from your own thoughts. The process is so dissuading to ones ego. The heart and Mind understand and know. It may be ridiculous but I never fathom the idea of understanding. I prefer the novel idea of knowing.

I need to get a grip of what’s happening and focus on myself doing right things. At times the pain of mental suffocation is all too much to bear. It is further complicated with other factors, burden of expectations, dreams of self; nothing unjustified but, let time be the best judge. All of us need to find peace within ourselves. The other day I had a jerk in the foot and the routine function of walking down stairs and crossing the road became the task of the day. I wonder if the same thing happens if the mind gets a hiccup, I fear the worst of effects and imagine the burden of doing the task of the day will surely increase if the mind gets a little deflated for some reason. All of us should know it from our varied experiences we all might have had previously. I think sorting out the daily routine may help.

It’s not entirely sheepish to believe the success to road is hard and it gets harder with every success. Yet the last yard is the most challenging one and the last yard is hardest to cover.

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Anonymous said...

dis exactly wht goes in my head ....but i always tell myself...life is a teacher & let teahcer decide wht it want to preach me every day .......every day is a new day so welcome it wid a smile :)