Blog: March went marching by

Listening to songs of Teesri Manzil, one of the many yesteryears with some awesome songs,some of the songs are still called for when dance parties happen. No party is completed Aaaajaaaa… Aaaajaaa and O’Haseena zulfowaali. I loved all Shammir kapoor movies, I always sound his movies with great verve and he one of the finest leading comedians of his time. Before there were fairness cream for men was even thought off, he was one of the more dashin leading man of his time.
India Hckey team lost in worl cup,I think for this fiasco everyone besides the team members and coaching staff are responsible. I wonder if Gvernment servants involved with sports reaped there laurels and helped themselves to a great career on the cost of Countrys pride and performance would ever give up hunger. KPS Gills single handedly pulverised the confidence of players fans and pride of the nation which once Hockey really was. There is no dearth of talent from what the novice eye saw. There is also no dearth of red tape. I mean why cant we have Rs 1000 Crores spent on sports. I watched Hockey couple of times in school. I was blessed to go to a school which had these huge grounds and great incentive to play hockey and football. I didn’t play any,perhaps always been attached to cricket. I clearly remember my school doing well regularly in hockey and football. The Indian bureaucracy one of the most entrenched horror of our horrid and unjust colonial past. The other is our Police Laws which were formed more than 150 years back that seems to be so long ago that code of Hammurabi seems belonging to a close era. Why isn’t it be redone is one of the most intriguing puzzle of the Nineteenth, Twentieth and Twenty first centuries!!! I don’t know of anymore contemporary mysteries that have spilled across three centuries and has a direct impact on people of this country.
Talking of Rs 1000 crores. In a recent auction of teams for IPL,couple of franchises bought team for a combined figure of more than 3200 crores. It is a stagerring amout considering it is only for right to own a team. Everyone cries hoarse saying that Cricket gets unwanted and exclusive media attention and no one even cares to know how other sports are doing. Cricket in India is doing well simply because it is no under direct control of Government. Yes there are politicians and others who are somehow associated with cricket administration. Indian Cricket board has come a long way in terms of money. It was in loss just a few days back. But for now lets just say it is doing well.
As a long weekend is around, hoping to post a long blog post after a long time,so long ….

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