Blog: Inner voices humming

“Why is it always me?” Did you ever ask yourself that in eternal honesty? There comes a point in everyone’s lives when we have to look back and see what has happened to people who we associated with our lives. These people were the ones, who added dimensions and facets to my and your lives. They saw what we couldn’t simply because they shared belief when mind was filled with indecisions and trepidations of what was to come, obviously which never happened. When we do give a look behind at the past, you would always wonder if you could paint your life on larger canvas. The burden of expectations is always hard to carry, you may not carry it far enough or long enough. But one cannot take a breather to decide whether expectations were realistic and appropriate.

The long winding road of life will take you to least expected places and least expected. The great Napoleon once said “A man who knows where he is going will never go far enough.” But giving your best every time, time and again, again and again seems to be this big challenge for me at this point in time. The questions shall always remain pertinent and in the gusto to take up the challenge but one must also use their judgement to know if the challenges thrown at you were thrown to simply divert you from the goal.

They say same thing about true calling and all that. I wonder if being impetuous is my true calling or the true calling would be giving up all that you have for other to blossom, doing that is surely a big call to have. Its not esy to sacrifice everything you have or know for the sake of others. One in a million would stand up to that and one in millions would do that.


Shilpa said...

I think ur mentioning too many points , the Idea is not clear

Ginni said...

It seems u want to write more but u have'nt......
nt a complete one as u always write

Keshi said...

hi Tarun :) Hows life? Been a while ay...o well, life goes on. I've been well..just noticed that u hv been looking out for me..tnxx for being such a great friend :)

Miss ya all!


Tarun said...

@ Shilpa:Yes,I was a bit confused and posted the blog in a hurry

@ Ginni: Haste makes waste.well the post has been posted now.

@ Keshi: *grins ear to ear,seeing ur comment." Look whos around,great to see ur comment.Hope u are doing fine and busy kicking some ass.

Keshi said...

nice to imagine ya grin like that! ;-)

Kicking some hot asses this time haha! Life's going well. Just got back from a beautiful break overseas. Hope all is well with u? Im so out of touch with the blog world..came around to ur's and another friend's blogs only..cos I cant forget lovely friends like u.

still hvn beer n chicken wknds?

Tarun said...

@ Keshi:I was wondering if u be tehre on Twitter ...
Overseas break,if someone apart from me deserves a break its u ... lolz.

I think am I not the only one wondering where Alice has gone from the wonderland.

I was busy with exams,just joint a new job today,after completeing an MBA,this weekend sure calls for beer and chicken.

Keshi said...

hehe @beer & chicken

nope, me not a twitterer hehe...

Break was excellent. I sure needed that! Congratts on ur new job and also the MBA wow!

Alice has gone on to faraway places in that Wonderland...she may or may not come back down the same path again :) will u be waiting though?

TC n keep smiling...til next time then Tarun


Tarun said...

@ keshi:Beer and chicken once in two weeks is kinda good.Eases the tension out and so damn relaxing.
Thanks for the congratulations.

Since u didnt blog for a while ... I knew you would want to blog when U really want to,so I will wait and look fwd for u to start blogging again.

Sudeep said...

Here after a long time.. nice template, simple look is good.

Quite a heavy post to read in the morning :)