Blog: Jumbled cynicism

I think it’s the climes I have withdrawal symptoms ingrained in my body language and the same symptoms and swirling and surfacing in the mind as well. I wonder if the plate is too full and I wont be all able to stuff everything on it and the glass is half empty and wont quench the thirst that's clouding my senses. I don’t think its nice spot to be standing upon.

The mind seems cocked and some cool breeze will help in recuperate senses. Is everyone fussy of signs, indications, hint, call them what you will!!! I am. The rough translation of a Hindi idiom which suggests the smart should work with the (subtle) hints. No there is nothing unsubtle about hints, if it’s a hint it’s subtle. One more deliberation, I mean the previous sentence. At this point in time, I wonder what signs truly are. I am not much into omen and witch-hunt or any other forms of occult. I may choose not to believe it. I know everything that we believe can be questioned. There are times when we look at ourselves question are self belief? 

How important is it to separate out thoughts and actions and judge them ourselves; without bias? Is there time for all this, especially when you are sitting perched right on top of a House of Cards? The world so seamlessly seems to coming, tumbling down, rebuilding seems such an uphill task. They say all men were born free meaning all humans were born free. Yes they are, till the point they realize they are living someone else dreams, they believed in some elses' believes, we search for reasons in someone else pretext. Individuality seems to have gone archaic. The challenge is to prove you worthy of living those dreams, when this happens, it for collective good that we must strive for better efforts. One small step and a giant leap for mankind. Giant leaps are function of wanting to go forward and take the little step without falling in love with your ideas and then just never stray away from the path of action.

We all are bound by something, may be with or ideas, compassion, thoughts, claims or we are bound having to cry hoarse over everything that we deserve and didn’t get shoving away everything we ought to have done. If faith can move mountains, faith can also help climb over mountains and look beyond, if the mountains don’t seem to move at first.

At times blowing your own brains isn’t the best we can do, I have been wondering for quite some time, I mean before I update my last blog that shouldn’t we just assimilate whatever we face and some how manage to use it to our good or to our advantage. I mean instead of being impulsive and quick-silver if you like I must find way to make myself a better at what I do. I feel sad when circumstances decide my response. I can do better, I know; I can.

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