Blog: Claim your own space

We are all part of the crowd what’s easier, to find your own space or to make your own space? All of us have an idea about the world, how the world is and how it ought to be. There are so many things left to be learnt about the world, about our own being, about own self. I wish to cultivate my own space; you know carve out my own niche. My focus shall remain on carving and the niche. I want to call this place my own, decorate it as my own and work their and rest their and let everyone now that I belong to this niche of mine and the niche belongs to me.

Ponds got bigger

People do hop skip and jump some just move along; some take their own time, some lose the way and leave a trail for others to follow. It is hard not to be stoic. Napoleon said “A man who knows where he is going will never go too far.” I want to travel too far and I don’t know if I direction I chose is the correct one. I always feel the choices for us have already been made and we are just living the moment when the time comes. The time is such a crucial factor. It changes every second and bends with it our very notion of our lives at times the whole phase of life and at other moment it just changes us from alive to was once alive.

The ponds got bigger, the challenge though remain the same have become steeper slope. There are new challenges, new tricks in the game have to be learnt, new games have to be learnt plus remembering everything that one had learnt needs to be relooked into at every point in time, it feel like a juggler who was just juggling with couple of tennis balls a few more juggling objects have been added and the tempo of the music playing in the background has changed. I have just scratched surface of the niche, lot many a times till the seasons change for good and for bad. I have just started with a job the road is long and winding.

What eating into my blogs?

I chose to blame facebook & twitter updates for this, an idea or an emotion use to germinate into a blog now its just a thing I would say to myself that finds its way on the twitter or the facebook and the blog remains a some other activity that I could postponed for one another day. But perhaps the day arrived today. I feel emotionally buoyant if and when I do blog. It for an emotionally enrichment that I shall always come back to write a blog post. I love to play around with words and it’s for the simple joys like these I shall let the words enthral my world.


Keshi said...

They all come into each others' lives *ppl, experiences, blogs or habits* for Seasons, Reasons or a Lifetime :)


Sudeep said...

First of all congrats for the new job. Keep juggling with the increased tempo :)

I agree that twitter has stolen many posts at my end as well. I also blame the job though.

Beben said...

nice to meet you ^_^"
salom from bandung blogger Indonesian :)

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: The memories last for lifetimes though ... :)

@ Sudeep: Thanks Sirji ... whatever it is lets blog again. :)

@ Beben: Thank U so much for coming around. :)