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I read the book written by Amish Tripathi - Immortals of Meluhas. I had seen is interview first and then later chose to read the book, it wasn’t that I did hear of the book earlier. A lazy weekend and a lazy Sunday after noon was an additional reason to tilt the balance in favour of buying the book. A good 40 minutes were spent reading it at Crosswords and then the book was bought, to be read in the confines of the bed.

I wonder of all bloggers aspire to be writers someday. At least I do. I have persisting doubts though, as to what I should write. Amish present the story of the One. When I read books, I am amazed by the effort goes in research about the contents, as well as the research of ones mind and soul, coz writing what ones think is just the start. The imagination the grey cells and the aspiration of the writer soon start to take toll on the creative abilities. The focus can waver and the creative fuel tank can go dry for no apparent reason. The pain staking research comes out as this very thought provoking book the Immortals of Meluha.

The book is as subtle and direct. The book is a courageous attempt to strike balance between creativity, mythic folklore, Holy Scriptures, and the present. Then plot itself at times present enough opportunity to extended and elaborate the narrative. The book is about a tribal leader Shiva dwelling near the Mansarovar Lake. He is invited to this fabled land, an empire and a society of Suryavanshi rigidly following rules and laws. The society is happy and prosperous but has its undercurrents. Lord Ram founded the fable land. Then there is this jealous and evil kingdom of the Chandravanshis. The Protagonist starts as someone and treads the path of self-discovery to becoming the destined one.

The protagonist, character is finely sketch so are the other characters. There fallibility is for all to read and experience. As someone who has read this book and writing the review of the book, one felt as is some character’s portrayal could have been more lucid. The Chandravanshi are thought to be evil and jealous but besides that, the empire of Chandravanshi is with perspective of Suryanvanshis and the characters of Suryavanshi. The narrative does not throw enough light of illustrates the Chandravanshis enough. I wonder if it had to be, the plot of subsequent books that Chandravanshis may be discussed in detail by the characters but not the writer. The same if for the protagpnist. There is not much narrative about his past. A lot in the book is about his development, and come to being so to speak. There is not much about the origins. I wonder if it is for the next book.

The book is welcome. It is amazing how creativity was research help simplify and present a unique interpretation. A society improves if one can introspect and present their interpretation provided there is no intention of injuring or undermining faith of the land.

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