About: National Shame Day

It is that day of the year,you know,National Day of Shame, antipathy and remorselessness. Its been three years since the shameful incident when terrorist had a walk in the park gunned down innocent on roads, pavements, stations,restaurants and homes, indiscriminately firing bullets on babies, patients, women and men, while inept were in glued to the  democratically elected Seats of Power, contemplating what to do. It will be three years now since that shameful day, soon it will be 5 years and then may be ten and then there will be a silver jubilee along with some memorial and we will tel our kith and kin with some passing details of how some can decide to kill while we still contemplating things to do.

There have been attacks after that too, but we remember dates, feel the pinch and move on till we meet the next disaster. Mumbai remains sensitive and vulnerable, administration remains indifferent insensitive and incorrigible. I mean how many of you are convinced that the terrorists just filled a pot with chits of cities, picked out Mumbai, hired some boats, landed in the city, asked for places and then played jack in box?Palpable.

The more the things change the more they remain the same. The many champions of local cause were glued to TV sets, they did later  when the damage was done only the carnage to be seen for all, they did to their credit crawl out and to salute a "selective few" while conveniently forgot those who laid their lives but belong to some non local heritage.Selective patronizing of bravado by a select few.My rights, your duties.

Anyways this is as naive as I can get and the posts is getting as cliche' as it could. I will save a few precious word still the next irony happens.

Happy B'day to Kasab. He is here to stay and live. I wish hearty congratulations to his local daddies apart from his many other daddies as well.

The attack was not on any identity or belief, the attack was on ethos of a nation.

PS - This who are interested in trivia would also like to know,that there was this book which was completed, binded and ratified on this very day 26 Nov 1949. It was later to be adopted as The Constitution of Republic of India couple of months later.

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