Cricket Sehwag the Audacious

The game of cricket is said to be one of golden uncertainities, Sehwag is embodiment of that saying. Its Sehwag audacity and bovine nonchalance  towards batting that makes his batting more captivating. He has been described as King of Entertainment (Never mind if Ramiz Raja). It is safe to safe sehwag been a big game changer in fortunes of Indian cricket since he has arrived on the scene. Yes he is audacious, its either none or all from Sehwag.

My Audacious XI

This wasn't an original part of the blog post. But let me suggest an all time audacious Eleven. The "audacity" would be see it to believe it performance. Its like they drag their feet to to this 4 mile replay race and end up doing it as good and easy as a walk in the park. So here is my audacious Test/ODI/T20 eleven, based on players I have seen playing in last 10 years or so, there could have been equally maverick player earlier too  but my team would consists of Sehwag, Gayle, Gibbs, Lara, Afridi, Gilchrist, Flintoff, Warne, Murali, Shoaib and  Bond

Sehwag the audacious.

Sehwag one of te most audacious batsman the game has scene in this generation. He would go on the record and say 200 in ODI is no big deal only to find himself in the worst slump of form (&fitness) to be dropped and then not even selected for the previous Aussie tour, only to come back from no where and just announce his arrival with commanding some may say decimating form. His stroke play is unique so is his mindset, he is always looking to score runs, preferable make those runs without running around too much. He prefers getting over the line with a boundary, he like to start his innings with a boundary. He greets every new bowler with a boundary if not hitting it over the boundary. In the world cup earlier this year, he face first delivery of the innings and dispatched it for a boundary, he did that in every match. Sehwag in this innings too greeted all the bowlers with the boundary. Sehwag either delights or dismay. The deal is if he is around for 40 overs or so,you wont return feeling bored, I am also talking about Test matches here.

There are so many factors/variables when a batsman goes out to bat, weather conditions, pitch, type of bowling, type of cricket ball, opposition, form and fitness, situation of the game, ya ba da ba doo; ya ba da ba doo, Sehwag just dusts these things away with his bat and if it is in his area, he will smash it and he will keep smashing and dispatching it away all day for good. Sehwag been a bit off the boil for ages now, since his surgery  following IPL. He missed couple of tours. His return in England saw him bag a pair. There wasnt much joy when Sehwag is not smashing it all over. There is tour to Australia which is coming up next, Sehwag's form with the bat may just prove vital to tilt the balance in our favour. It is good to get him run and a good match practice before the big tour.

The cast of Sehwag show.

Indian batsman werent reaping riches of runs as supply seem to have run dry. Sehwag often wanders into oor form only to hunt the treasure chest of runs back. The famed never mind depleted batting order came to the party in time. Sehwag and Gambhir got going. It seems to the untrainted eye, that sehwag provides the power, Gambhir the direction. Gambhir is no slouch with the bat, if you get thrilled seeing Sehwag, Gambhir dazzles with inspiring strokes. The two took India to 176, before run out claimed Gambhir. India kept a right left combnation going. Sehwag was on song, all Raina had to do was to keep Sehwag company, it the middle overs Indians seemed to be in cruise control. Sammy played his cards but Sehwag had the aces.

Raina got a much reprieved 50 giving Sehwag company. Sehwag scored a double, most by a captain. India registered their huge total. The game was sealed, only West Indies had to come forward and do the formalities.

The spinners picked wickets. The West Indies lost the match by 153 runs and lost the series 1-3. The next match is academic. The most seniors players should opt for an early flight to Australia.

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