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It has been a while since posted a blog posted, the archives suggest it was more than a couple of months back. I have never been too busy to blog but always too lazy to blog. India's impressive run in ODI and Test continues. Indias hocket team did well too. Its not a good time to be a well renown, artistic, creative exponent personality. Death is the lifes biggest game changer, so said Steve Jobs. Dev Anand (actor, producer), may his soul rest in peace, Bhupen Hazarika (singer , musician) Dr Hargobind Khurana (scientist), Mario Miranda (cartoonist) left us wanting a bit more of creativity, but I guess life will go on. It may go on even after particle we know has been annihilated into oblivion, whenever future takes birth as present.

What do you mean (to do) ?

Then there is at times a nagging feeling wondering if everything we experience or observe is a distraction from what we are really meant to do. Its ok to be poignant as we think of things whenever we do, after getting free from what we are paid to do. At times you wonder if there is ever a hell and heaven, not challenging anyone or any authority here. It is times when we do good,we feel good and a blanket of bliss wraps us and everything seems divine. It is when we do something stupid which may result in unfavourable occurances, may be in the mind and not physically and then we feel kicking yourself or aiming to punch our own nose ( painting a bulls eyes before that?) then we ill feeling, unease gripping us and stiffle us till all is resolved and you choose to move on with whatever it was before.

Just do it - kick yourself

The last thing I kicked myself was not to place enough money, here my meager savings in a provident fund or a postal account, I waited on opportune stock market condition, realizing albeit late that you have to work out a favourable condition at most times,e.g. getting up on time on a weekday and making sure you well prepared for a vendor meeting, other suitable examples warmly welcome here. Its not often the return which has to be taken account, its the will to invest that gives the best returns. Yes, I must confess I have deep interest in drawing parallels among many things in my life, I do it with introspection. I may have been chided often as being a philosopher, I wish I was one.

But then the kingdom of our own minds is so hard to to conquer, harder to administer (keep in check) and hardest to traverse (here master). Does it help if everything can be written down in black and white? It is hard to accept that life gets harder with ever passing second and one of a our endeavours is to make it simpler. Anyone who think this isn't a double whammy? You agree with yourself, with people, you disagree, you may less than willingly accept only to e proven right or wrong about notion. The secret is to keep learning and learn how to apply it next when similar set of choices, under similar circumstances appear.

Cheese dip & economy

They talked about double dip recession when we were just stepping into one, the recession ended so did the highs and we our in our second dip, the nearest flip may not be around for quiet some time. The stock market among many so things is reflection of confidence of investor in that particular market. The Indian Government with some marvellous efforts looks like running the biggest Ponzi scheme ever known to us. The Gov has taken us from feeling hopeful about the future to being hapless. about the present  I didn't vote for it, hence paying taxes while having pizza hurts the body and dents the mind. If the markets are to be believed and currency charts to be accepted,we being taken to a cliff, we may stabilize is sense prevails. If cometh the hour,cometh the men; then the time is just about right. The less said bout the government the better, when its the next time we all get an opportunity to vote, may God's good sense prevail on everybody. In India what we considered here as God given divine right are frugal privileges cherished by a few people in many parts of the world, dont have to far and beyond just look at our neighbouring countries.

The challenge as ever is to think fairly and do it correctly. The conscience is the best mattress and hunger is the best sauce. The damp squib which FB has done is to no more allow blog post to directly update as noes, precisely where syncing twitter with FB helps.

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