Blog: Odds & Even 2012

It is here and here to stay for some time.364 days more. You, me and everybody have jumped on a leap year, 2012. The thought of leap year get Olympics to mind. So it is the spirit of the Olympic its pageantry and celebration of human triumph that makes this year different from previous years. The Olympic motto - Citius, Altius, Fortius which is Latin for "Faster, Higher, Stronger”. If you looking for inspiration to be one with Olympic spirit this year it could be one of your motto. An odd day in the even month makes it such a unique year.

I am not too good with resolutions. I explore my life for change – change in thoughts, breakfast menus, drinks, clothes – things to specific not souls. I want to see a few changes among many things change of attitude towards life. I want to worry less and spend that time preparing and doing what is needed to resolves few complexities in life. Life complicates us and we return the favour each successive day. I had this enormous desire to buy HTC wildfire S, it's a cute phone. I know I can buy it right now but then I want to celebrate the event of buying the phone. The massive challenge is to focus on must do and not et carried away on impulse of must do. A pinch of self criticism helps the feet on the ground. I want to write more, but dont want to do it because of the sake of doing it. I think over the last year blogging sparingly simply because of tweeting tendency. I hope this one is in check now. There are things waiting to happen in life but then I will cross the bridge when I get to the river. My blog when updated at times makes me happy. I think I can say that without any sense of Narcissism.

I want to blog on more on politics and current affairs the problem is my source is the Net. There are so many thing you can do with technology is you decide not to be enslaved by it. I want to read more as well, read couple of books, it was another joy. I have almost given up on newspapers. I feel there is just too much blanch flavour to it. They print something sensational the first day. There are reactions to it the next day, then there is a denial then there is a reaction to the denial then there are theories thicker than final year engineering project reports. I dont think it takes you anywhere. TV and newspaper were supposed to entertain and inform they are reduced to war cry like hysteria and repulsive sensationalism. As if there isn't much of that in daily life.

I have my fingers crossed for 2012. I wish everyone all the best. :)

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