Cricket: India trails in the series

Success has many fathers and Failure is loner orphan. If Indian teams have to win abroad they have to literally cross oceans of million miles. The time has come for the troika to make way, in the interest of the team abroad It is also time for people who call the hots in the interest of the team again to be a bit more prudent when it come to preparation. They already have a cash in shed but there are problems aplenty. If u happen to have a bullock cart with both the wheels broken and the bull busy grazing the smartest thing to do is to not take part in a race of amateurs and don't even look towards where professionals are competing. It is surely acceptable that Indian batsman struggle abroad and look totally spell bound. The next glittering stars are still in the quarry and we the fans are still in the quandary. The Indian bowling exudes very little confidence if any.

There was a time when sports (here cricket) was dearth of money while times have moved on cricket has dug up a gold mine while other sports languish even for spectators. The class of politicians sitting on either side of the parliament make sure that this goose continues to stay fit and well nourished and continues to lay golden goose. These very class of politicians have a termite effect on other sports. Its the defeat that often test the character often. The present generation of cricketers have least to worry about what would happen next as a decent state player worth his salt would do well is he plays couple of seasons of IPL. You know success to often comes with its own set of challenges, one of them begin able to keep their feet on the ground. I am not saying that our players are snobbish. I am suggesting that players dont have to worry about their lives beyond cricket all the more reason for them to work hard and do well for the club, state franchisee or country.

Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman have done well, really well. There deeds on the field and demeanour of it is praise-worthy and al it worth to emulate for all of us fans. But its time to move on to next set of players. Laxman who purposefully played all his career under the Damocles sword may come good with a century in next few matches (if he plays). Dravid getting bowled due to lack of bounce or misjudgment Tendulkar not really looking 100 percent. The performance of the bowlers should also come in scrutiny. There has been Zaheer, Yadav did take wickets, Ishant is off the radar and hasnt done much damage. Indian batsman struggle to bat on bounce pitches but Indian bowlers struggle with lengths as well. The basic of test matches is also not seemingly put into practice. The crease has to be occupied, percentage shots with favorable returns (here runs) have to be played. There has been only one Sehwag in all the history of the game who can score with the strike rate of 80.

Dravid, Laxman, Tendulkar, couple of years of Zaheer, who would be the next star. How will they perform abroad The pitches at home need to be looked into. I mean at least on the first class level. Why cant we have dedicated venues for fast, seeming bouncy pitches. Mumbai has always been a bit faster and bouncier, Chennai is always rank turners. If there is an inclination of BCCI to do well, they dont have the dearth of resources. The question which begs to be asked is if there is any will to do it?

Adelaide test will be hopefully a different story. I wish the batsman occupy the crease for more than 4 sessions and avoid the blues. I think Dhoni has to give up captaincy in one form of the game. He should play test as a batsman. The selectors shoulw offer him captaincy of two formats and keeping in the other two formats. If he is keeping in test Sehwag aur gambhir should be given the captaincy. The domestic setup may need a fine tuning as well. Can the BCCI get some young Under 21 exposure to the country circuit etc it helps they say – hint Zaheer Khan.

The time is right to overhaul if not re-build Indian cricket..

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