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Benjamin Franklin said once “There never was a good war or a bad peace.”. Today is the day when some chose to remember Godhra riots, the most skewed coverage, misrepresented riots in the recent history. Its like judging the book by its cover. If one has to analyze an event or occurrence one must giver equal weight-age for both the cause and the effects. It is evident that, the effects are discussed while the causes remains brushed under the carpet. The power of TV is to project and image add to it the power of sound and precision of a script. Congress ridding on this piggy bank of media house and “excellent coverage” managed to create a political avalanche and come back to power. The Prime Minister who was bought to power served in the name of (Party) President, also played a regent to rather obliquely successful prince. This is also one of the reality of post Godhra riots. The rest is collection of bigotry and scams we have lost all account of whatever logic and pragmatism on which our political system was supposed to be envisaged.

Yes Godhara in its cause and effects horrendous The affected people deserve justice at the earliest in accordance to the law of this land. Its is innocence till proven guilty. Then painting someone as being guilty with the colours of ones own imagination must stop too. It is also worthwhile for all the stake holders do understand who benefiter with the riots. India has lackadaisical record of riots of all kinds. Godhra a was the last one played out to the media and the news of the event has kept the event itself, alive. We all know the inclinations of all those channels who like to call themselves as free, fair and balanced.

I dont think Godhra riots following the burning of the ill fated rail coaches should be looked in isolation. There is need for us to look into other various riots, like the ones in 1992 following demolition of Babri Masjd, which was obviously followed by Mumbai serial blasts, if you want to jog back there were riots in Bhagalpur, which doesn't finds its mention in the official records, there were anti Sikh riots following India Gandhi's death in 1984. These are the major ones,which are used to primarily whip up the dust storm during elections only to mislead the electorate, only to extend political gains. Its a scavengers ploy really.

On the ground how do the challenges of roti, kapda, makan - food clothing and sheldter for a poor indivial in one community differ from individual of any other community. Isn't it a shame that millions should aspire for a privilege of earning two square meals a day? Gujarat meanwhile is trying to move, the picture is for all to see and debate. The fact is it has highest per capita income for individuals of minority community is little to debate, the income continues to grow.

Godhra riots for many proponents of equality and political righteousness is an attempted diversion from their own pathetic performances and repeated deeds of mis-governance and denying the electors a right of decent fulfilling lives. I mean there have been worst riots than Godhra, then why does the humanity has to wake up on call of Godhra alone. The other riots I am convinced were for better ment of humanity and hence a just cause. There is no point listing the names fof other riots, after all it's not a hall of fame. It's our social ineptness and hollowness of will to bring social justice in general. No one is above law. You may love or hate Modi for whatever he has done or claimed by other to have done, the fact that he has won two assembly elections, with better majority and there is nothing that SIT has done justify his silence and underscores the claims who seek his blood. If there was some evidence, SIT formed by SC under aegis of a Congress government should have found it in 10 years. What SIT has done remains to be known, but the leaked reports doesn't find Modi guilty.

Now it brings to focus the intentions of people who painted him with colours of their imagination, if the people have voted him back to Government, if Supreme Court funds nothing against him, shouldn't they accept they made it up and move on. The Media are the powerful tool in the masters of power, its very easy to mould public opinion to your advantage using TV. Any case you keep repeating the same thing in different tones and you have a newly dressed truth shall step straight out of our closets. A deeper influence free introspection is called for. Muslim have for long been pushed and shoved and maimed and forced to believe they should be insecure here. I see them doing well and worthy of their success, shouldn't they send a stern message to politicians that they deserve better than just be a card in the pack of politics.

Godhara has been a tragic event, but why is it the only one which is discussed so extensively, should we remorse and looking back at other communal or other kind of sectarian form of violence which have shaken the foundations of our democratic republic. Todays if u look back at riot victims if any riots, their condition remains susceptible to future horrors. We all have learnt by now that, riots sow seeds of further dismay and horror while little is done to get them justice, further less is done to provide them opportunity to climb up the ladder of social well being. There is a huge interest of keeping poor people poor and make sure they remain oblivious to opportunities of social and economic growth. The victims of riot are never able to come out of that dark shadow. India should today look back at all the past riots, including Godhara to have a better social policy in place and a very independent Police and Judicial mechanism so that justice is neither denied or delayed.

Its time for people to give up a few tears and look at the benefactor and the beneficiary of these induced riots of mayhem. Politically influenced riots will be a major challenge for any country. But is a strong deterrent should be maintained and rule of law must be upheld at every instance at all costs. Its upto us to find the truth and not only relying on horror stories in print or television media as a “source” of truth to decide upon true and false. Why is there no equal condemnation of other riots that have or take place? Why are human misdeed in other state make it to news. Is Muslim “suffering” limited to state of Gujarat. Why is Modi being withc hunted? Which politician hasnt created some form of riot to consolidate his position? There are many more questions to be unanswered. There is a need of social awakening which ensures development of are society as whole.

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