Cricket: Punters last call

Ricky Ponting has literally been lead to ODI retirement, for any Indian cricket fan worth their throats, Ponting remains the most menacing batsman of the present generation. Ponting when peaking in his performances and abilities won everything every where. He was simply hard to get on top. He won three world cup medals, he lead Australia undefeated in one of those. His century in 2003 world cup final remains one of the worst nightmares for a true Indian cricket fan. He won the Ashes 5 nil, only captain after Warwick Armstrong to inflict a whitewash. When the Aussies were firmly on top, Ponting perhaps led a hall of fame dream team. Hayden, Langer, Gilchrist, Warne, Gilchrist, Bret Lee.

Ponting in fast seeming condition was peerless, he at times blasted attacks and tame wild attacks into submissions. He was one of the key batsman during Steve Waugh's superlative captaincy. He is the best captain the game his since his Bradman. He lead by example. He remains of one the formidable bats in test cricket. Ponting apart from a marvelous batsman and astute captain was a brilliant fielder.

The last phase of Pointing's career was woeful though. The Aussies looked quiet averages once the Hall of Fame players left, Ponting look a wonder less magician with nothing up his sleeve. He should have replaced a captain before he lost the Ashes against inform upsurging English team. I wont be surprised if Aussies win the next Ashes and Ponting raises his last toast.

He struggled in India at times though, for a long time he didn't have a century in India and at particular time he had taken more catches than scored runs here. Bhajji went on to say he was his bunny. Ponting against spinners in India looked a different batsman. He was a giant in the condition in most places apart from India, where Kumble and Bhajji tormented him. Ponting, Dravid and Kallis, all has pretty riveting similar careers, Kallis adds more value via his bowling, Ponting superbly led an amazing collection of players from the front and with the bat. Dravid remains the most stoic and looked more complete than Ponting till this Australian tour. These three gentlemen all have scored similar amounts of runs, started playing around the same time. All were rock solid and played some of the most memorable innings that test cricket has ever seen or will see. All three know form rock solid technique flair and classic shots. Ponting cut and pull shots were two of his signatures shots. He always looked ominous while playing those shots.

The fallacy of Ponting was perhaps he hung on to captaincy for a seaon too long. It was Pontings fixation that costed him the pervious Ashes. He looked pretty naieve as a captain. He didnt have the players but thats when cpataincy should come into count. He lost the Ashes thrice, tired hard in the previous World Cup.

Ponting seemed brute and brash to us, the forgettable Sydney test and other avoidable instances. You love him or hate you cant ignore him. One of this finest batsman to play the game wont be playing in ODIs again.

It is very interesting to know how he goes around in test matches. Ponting legacy as a batsman and captain will continue to shine for a long time to come.

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