About: Romance lived once

May Long Live the memories of Rajesh Khanna. He rekindled romance like never before. A string of consecutive hit movie. The hype and imagination that fueled the hysteria of fan following that was never known to Hindi movies and the phenomenon will never repeat He weaved magic while romancing most glamorous heroines of the seventies, Sharmila, Mumtaz, Hema Malini, Asha Parekh, Zeenat Aman. Kishore Kumar crooned the songs, Pancham and Laxmikant-Pyarelal and compose the music,Shakti Samanta, Raj Kholsa, Yash Chopra, Hrishi da all of them came together to make some of the most delighful rmantic – dancing-around the trees movie. Rajesh Khanna went on to catch and hold imagination never known before. All the retro, belts ties up on shirts, flowing hair, and warm smile and the hint of the wink.

He went on to essay one of th golden periods of Hindi movie industry. The best of legends, actors, directors, story writers, lyricist, singers came together that came together. It was particular the age of golden music, each song a trinket of gold something any Indian will hum for ages. These songs till date are remade, remixed and jazz up but fall flat is mere shadows.

My favourites of Rajesh Khanna

Ittefaq, Anand, Andaz, Amar Prem, Aardhaa, Raja Rani, Khamoshi, Namak Haram, Meheooba and so many more. Rajesh Khanna convinces the audience that it was their story he piotrayed. He portrayed his role with an efficacy, delight and tenderness that went on to become hallmark of his times. He immortalized a romantic hero and no ma after him could woo his leading lady hike he could.. His style and charm had every hypnotized for more. His fan following seems to be deserving if you consider the types of role he played, intriguing, philosophical intense romantic, he did some negative roles as well.

Ittefaq, Anand, Bawarchi happen to be my favourites. The climax of Anand is the most astounding. Its one of the most stark rebuttal when audience close in on the climax and a tape recorder calls out to other actors. It was amazing scene. Its perhaps the most moving scene of Hindi Cinema. Ittefaq is an amazing murder mystery in which the accused murder breaks into a house while running away from the mental asylum only to find the Police on the door step of that house to investigate a murder. Bawarchi is all about Rajesh Khanna and all the things a hero can do, cooking, singing, story telling, and off course getting the family together.

A little bit of hysteria and some sense of romance lived once when Rajesh Khanna was the only superstar.


Rahul said...

A great bollywood persona. The combo of Kishore Kumar Rajesh Khanna R D Burman was the best bollywood has ever produced. May his soul rest in peace.

Keshi said...

Very sad day for ROMANCE..and he was the King of it. End of an era. I loved RK since I laid my eyes on him as a kid. He's in my heart and soul. Forever.

Tarun said...

@ Rahul: I totally agree with u.Thanks for the comment.
@ Keshi: Yes indeed sad day for romance.