Blog: Seven years in all

It will be seven years at the end of this week for me to have started this blog. It has been a work in progress just like my life (or yours) there are many things I have learned, somethings reinforced belief in life and some other things dissolved prejudices if not hammered crude notions and ideas into oblivion . It amuses me when I read the long previous cricket posts that I wrote, that were a metaphor of life to me. I wrote on many things and chose to not write anything that is uncomplimentary to anyone or anyone's beliefs. I didn't want to write anything on my blog post for which I had to give a lengthy explanation of what I wrote when I wrote it and what was the reason behind it. There is a case where elements and ingredients that lead to the post may not find credence with the (limited number of) readers of this blog page.

There have been boring long stoic posts that started without any intent and ended abruptly with enough reason, one on celebration of victories and endeavor on the field of sport (predominantly cricket), there have been post which would reflect thoughts that we have on a long walk in a garden or along the beach or on a trekking trail. I always believe there are my rights to what I write and duty towards the reader (albeit accidental).


I faintly remember that rainy Sunday afternoon when I posted my first blog. I was just so happy while preparing CAT. It was an escape as fiends in life joined new jobs and moved on from hostel while I think I was stuck is bit of a time tunnel. I didn't even have an iota of what it was to become. I still have an idea but hopefully enough patience and determination to keep rolling out posts. Twitter and FB take the sting out but a blog post once in a while is good mental jog. The blog is all about the posts that I posted as a mad cricket fan and also a few stoic ones. I use to post some snaps as well as digital world began to be increasingly part of my life, my first digital camera,my father gifted Canon Power hot A 510, my first iPod that my brother gifted, my first job, my first mobile phone that I bought. A few other victories and few other failures like not scoring enough in CAT. A few other disasters like starting another blog. A few joys like trip to different places with friends or eating something fabulous.

Bloggers to have changed along the way,when I started it wasn't the most user friendly and things have turned to be good. When it was so user friendly, we learnt how to use javascripts and codes and other jazzy things. It was a big deal for a someone with near nil capabilities for codes of computer languages. Often the blog post was like a place where we stroll to hear ourselves confess and come back light hearted and finding another reason to pick up the gauntlet that proved to be too heavy. At other times the blog itself pulled us back and made me talk to myself. A lot of things that I believed but never found a way to express found blog as an escape route. It's a lonely universe and we need to keep learning about it and ourselves. The blog at times seemed to be the hub when I changed my occupations, places of stay.

Blog friends.

A few friends that I have made,it has been a journey that I was happy to take. The few blog friends that chose to remain in touch via mails and on social sites are proving to be real gems and no less dear to friends for real life. I have met a few of those and enjoyed the conversation (read beer and meals) which moved around topics of consequence in real and virtual lives. There have been long chats on messengers discussing finer points of virtuoso like Altaf Raja and nuances of Anu Malik and pulling legs on comments on each other blog pages. There have been times when friends blog post have been inspiration for my own posts. I mean imagine have a friend/acquaintance from each of the continents. It have been an enriching experience. A few log friend continue to blog while other moved on and some others just fell out of the radar. There was frenzy of tag blog posts asking and getting tagged at times. At times posting favorite videos of songs. Often sharing experiences of movies, almost everyone seemed worthy of a critics chair.

Blog posts.

Although its hard sheer lazy lifestyle that primarily responsible for lack of posts. I have often wanted to blog on political issues but I often found them polarizing. I didn't deem those fit to post, but often I have tried to mask them in sentence that would pacify if not crypt the essence of what I say. I believe any other should learn the use of ambivalence so that the reader thoughts are stirred without hurt their senses. I for one have been in a happy position to have a couple of ideas to write a few posts on, a preview and a review of a cricket series is one of them. A post of investment. I have often wondered about setting a time to write something, but lightening often doesn't strike then and I send up reading something on wikipedia or google or tweet something on twitter. My blog friends at times would give me my bragging rights when I was with friends and often made me kick myself for something stupid that I did. I hope to write more, post more hopefully I will do it no matter what the odds. A lack of blog post does indicate posting blogs to be a tedious activity.

I wish to dedicate this post and thank everyone who has ever read and/or commented on this blog. I wish to thank you for your time (and Efforts) spend reading the blog post here.


Anonymous said...

Seven wonders of World and seven beautiful years of lovely writing...... hope it continuous for many many and many more years.

Why no.7- wonders of world because Greeks believe it to be emblem of perfection and plenty. Your each blog moved from better to best.. the journey may be tuff & tiring but it carved out the best in you ...... your writing has been very beautiful and touching

God Bless You

Sudeep said...

Congrats for the 7 yr mark. I also sometimes laugh when I go through my old posts.
Wish to see you reach further milestones on this one.