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At the end of this week it will be a month,since I had a short vacation to Goa. I have been bought up in Mumbai, Goa seemed a natural choice for a short vacation for all these years. It wasn't to be. I had a chance to go to Goa from college, only for that paper I had to reappear in a place with blistering summers, far away from the lovely breeze of Goa. It wasn't to be. An office application faced a raised eyebrow from the boss,Goa?Yes!The application got ascent of the required along with heaved a sigh of much relief from me. The bags were packed couple of nights back. The camera was packed too this time. A list of places to visit list was prepared too.

Late to bed, early to rise makes the travel all the worth while.

Tickets were check and rechecked, couple of tickets were canceled, rescheduled, edited modified, but all that with in 4 days from the Zeroth day of travel. I was looking forward to the break, the monotony had got a tight grip on my life and surroundings. I just wanted to loosen a few shackles, breathe easy for a change, just for a few days. A confession here, my life is the most daunting, stressful and ungainly or something like. It is often easy to feel and find everyone is sailing on the same boat called “Scheduled Overloaded
Anyways, repacking was not accounted for, one thing led to another, among the chaos, calls, dinner, packing. The luggage piled on and the reality started sinking in that the vacation as truly on. The alarm clocks were set and rechecked. A sleepless night and a feeble sound of alarm turning into a hooter,me waking up, shaking and stirring as everything was buzzing, from the ceiling fan to the running water to the cellphones. A call from the Cab announcing his availability and confirming my address. Oh wait,no, ok, Holy Cash! Cash invariably divides us and them, you and me, everyone of us. A cheque was written, a mad scamper not before getting ready reading the tickets again, munching something, packing half of whatever it was. It was starting to look a very long early morning, it wasn't even dawn yet. For a fleeting second I felt what it was to feel tryst o destiny and when world goes to sleep India wakes up to … Holidays I thought. A few more hustle bustle, click of lock and the lift downstairs, the waiting cab and off to catching the train.

Independence day Express.

A pleasant morning,seeing sunrise literally after ages as the train chugs in the station, a rush to get on and find the seats, empty coupes offering cold welcome, and warm blankets a futile attempt to stay awake for next 45 minutes, sipping and munching needlessly and aimlessly. I surrender to sleep, climbing up on to my allotted bunker and go to sleep what was to be the next two to two and half hours, perhaps more. A smell of coffee and cheese sandwich clearing the disorientation induced by my slumber. It was lot of munching and sipping as some real delicacies that were on offer and it seemed obvious to oblige, eating from the pantry in the train never felt so good and satiated. Hunger is surely the best sauce. A good sleep and stomach full, led me to the doors of the coach armed with cellphone and camera, enjoying the tunnels, the breeze and whiff of rain, and the very green flora and greys Konkan skies as, tunnels and rivulets, bridges and farms and fields continued parted only by the railway track in between them. The smell of earth and air of trees and rivers. The sounds of cool fresh air and hues of colour and vigour. It was mesmerizing, intoxicating and soothing, even journey seem to be the part of vacation. All the monies and confusion that prevailed during the planning of the vacation till the train was boarded seemed worthy now. There wasn't simply not enough to breathe in and soak in. I wasn't missing my tiredness.

Green green Goa.

Living in the concrete jungle and towering apartments, the intimidating hills and lush green almost seem to be forgotten and unimaginable. There was more than enough of it on the way, in and around Goa. It did rain while traveling but never played a spoil sport. The weather was nice and calm for most times. The food and drink was never too much to be had. Perhaps a group of 6 to 8 should make very efforts to come and unwind. I was amazed at what I missed, surely grass looks greener on the other side, but this one was different. It felt calmer and serene than usual. I grew up on an island city, kept looking at rising waves and wailing tides. It still has me under its charms. The sight seeing was yet to begin.


A bit expensive to travel around in Goa, especially in Rupee terms. It is best to hire a vehicle if you have a license. Otherwise the traveling part around Goa is expensive. I was there when rain was around, but it didn't prove much of a hassle, thank God for that. It was cool and pleasant It was such a change to unwind. There are lot of options for day tour around Goa. Take a bus and sea, North and South Goa. Lots of places to see and enjoy the sights and settle into the ease of Goa.

A friend of mine was getting married. So I had the pleasurable experience of Goan hospitality. It was a first Christian wedding for me. A very thrilling experience for me. I wanted to have more of Goa but then it had to come to an end as things an equal pleasurable train journey back to Mumbai awaited.

I guess places like Goa are best when you have a group of 6 to 8 people for the tour to be cost effective more the merrier.

PS:- I have posted albums on FB already. I will try to upload the pics in second edit.

Second Edit - Random Snaps from Goa Trip

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