About: Life & lost causes?

We are a failing nation or we are a failed one. May be, we have failed and along with it lost our sense of right and wrong.  There is simply no excuse that can be justify for physical/sexual assault on women. You can derive and decry all the reasons, excuses, possibilities and everything but it is simply unpardonable. The physical/sexual assault is against the very fundamental right to living a life. It is also against the fundamental duty and moral duty of every human to help the other to a respectable life.

The instances of news which come out and horror stories of gruesome violence in form of physical/sexual assault and unbearable pain that fuel the rage and dismay everywhere. The only apathy that exceed it, is the response from our holier than cow Gov. The nature of violence makes you question yourself and the sense of shamelessness that we simply cant get rid of. It is indeed disturbing trend. The situation now is like on in a lawless territory. All seemed to be lost and the rage someday will make this world worst than hell.

There are two aspects to all of it. One what  is the deterrent we have to any kind of physical abuse, sexual assaults and other act of violence which cause any injury temporary or permanent physical or mental. We know scars of the victims  mind never heal. What is the deterrent that we do have and is it strong enough so that No One can commit anything for which breaks spirit of the victim along with quashing the rule of law.

The first was deterrent. The second is a speedy trial, which will mean the sentence is spell quickly and perpetrators know there is no escape behind the cloak of law. Also is bit more humane aptitude has to be instilled. If it means reforming the police, judicial system, politics or society then so be it. In India laws have to be in sync with the times today, previous cases should provide enough data of what is happening and a good deterrent and transparent, quick and strong judicial process will perhaps set fear in rogue men/offenders of right set of Do's and Donts.

There is enough rage on twitter and lot of people suggesting many things. When rage begins to fuels mind, reason makes the first escapes. The leadership has to burden the onus. The NHRC sent notices to Commissioner of Delhi and Union Home Secretary. I thought it should have been sent to the Home Minsiter and Delhi CM Shiela Dixit. Let the top civil servants, ministers, cops be stake holders in this incident and come forward to take the blame. The Government can simply let things evolve in society on someones whims and irks. It seems our laws in practice protect the criminal from the victim.

We are amidst a grave problem of violence in form of sexual assaults on women and elderly. If the situation gets worst we will be victims and eyewitness. The trends of these assaults indicate signs of very bad times.

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