Blog: Sunset on 2012

 As the days have rushed by and year 2012 is ending,soon seconds seems to be busy packing, minutes seem to be in rush to just freak out and hours en-queue for exit as a foggy misty day here in the city awaits the last sunset of 2012 and first crack of dawn of 2013. The time seemed to be flapping its wings, then at times it just flew past us and it times seem to be on a gentle, graceful glide just happy to be floating around. As the curtain comes down on 2012, a peep over the shoulder and a gaze beyond the horizon seem the thing to do.

As the Mayan calendar fell on the face of people who build false platform on the calendar their notion falsified perhaps it is for us to look back and wonder where we were right and wrong. Its learning from the mistake that's the easier part also to learn when we have been successful. We all know success has more victims than failure. If success goes to head than rest be assured that we are too good for our own-selves. The other extreme should also be avoided. The best way out is probably to align our efforts with the aspirations of people who want to see us happy and smiling.

2012 has been ups and downs, 2013 will also have its shares of ups and downs, hopefully I will be in better frame of mind to steer through whatever comes my way. There are so many things to do. I am willing to re-learn a few old tricks. A bit more proactive to whats likely to happen. If you fail to plan than you plain to fail. Household expenses you will know have stricter eye on you. So will waist swelling food and drinks. The morning alarm be my new best friend along with my dear sleep and dreams. I hope anger is a less frequent visitor to me. I must practice smiling and laughing a bit more. I heard a story once a day without laughter is wasted one. I must learn to laugh my problems away. A bit of detour on path of spirituality may just help me find my way back. I have been trying to blog more frequently I hope things fall in place and I don't wait for things to happen to write something.

A poise and balance of mind will help me observe the chaos better and probably bit more decisive in whatever I chose to do. New year will also bring in newer responsibilities. I hope to sharpen my skills again and put more efforts and get better results.

B'bye 2012, nice having you around. I hope I have learn enough lessons going forward.
I wish everyone a best of 2013

In Hope I say, Hello 2013.

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