About: Internet a photo album

Internet among other things is a big huge photo album, tumblr, blogs. Intagram, twitter, tumblr, facebook all of them are these huge photo albums that you can just click for next on snap or follow some link for another series of snaps and these never run out. The roll Camera a novelty if not a status symbols once has now given ubiquitous mobile phone and digital cameras. Yes there is a debate over having a specialist camera against a phone camera. The fact is phone camera given very decent out put in terms of quality of image. The camera in the phone is in sync step with the improvement in quality of the camera and quality of the snap. It simply amazing how the two phones and camera end up in a single piece of equipment. The network connectivity with Internet just opened the infinite items in Pandora's box to realms beyond imagination.

Yes computer too has had its impact too. That is as obvious as; obvious will ever get. It's not about just snaps from the professional photographers, some people just seem to get it right. It more than just snaps though, add meme and humour to it and some are just the daily dose of humour your simple can't have enough of those. It is digitization I know. But some of the things are just so thrilling, so cool, so, inspiring, so times just leaves you short of words.

I know camera are now one of the easiest things to use. Just aim and click. Snap of fingers and snap is on display. Often the image seems more picturesque than the object itself. It took me hard time to buy a camera phone. I had used a Nokia N95 for sometime it was fabulous. Then I had some more phones. I wanted to buy a camera phone with flash again. Yes I was fussy about the flash, I just something I wanted in the camera phone. Incredulous? Yes I know. Its just one of those (many) things.

The camera are know so easy to use, like I said. Its just aim and click. There should be however one should read about nuances off photography. National geographic website is a great tool. The tips there, are simple and basic. If these minor steps are followed then the photography skills increases multiple folds. It may be about the camera angle or may be how to stand while taking shot, or always having the camera

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