Blog: Just, May be.

May be. May is shortest month of the calendar if letters are to be considered and longest month if days are to be considered. Thank God that Gregorian calendar allows only 31 days. It seems summer was running fine around the month started. But it just seems a long weary winding month. The day end if fast approaching, in the company of the dear weekend, along with month end. It’s a new day and new month around the turn of minutes as the sand trickles down the hour glass.

It has been such a weary, tiring and log fortnight or so. They physical weariness tends subsides soon or at least likely to subside soon, the mental, emotional weariness likely to linger on for longer. Not sure if it vanish completely. Tires you out.

It a bitter or a sour thought to imagine a scenario where you are reluctant and reclusive although you could be handling your job, commuting places, doing your duties or simply resting in your dwelling pondering for your existence and daily dues of what nots, what ifs and could have beens.

Is the mind capable of resetting itself, or there is a way to reset. May be in some part of the body there is the reset button to defrag our minds so to speak. It's wishful at best. I don’t know how easy it is to learn and know things around you, but I think it’s an Endeavour if not an adventure of a life time to know ourselves our motives etc or at least make an attempt to do so.

At times the routine of daily life just doesn’t seem to even breathe at the heart desired rate. Our thought, minds, bodies, actions and conscious all ought to be agile but seem to be turning fragile.I think too much time is spent on standing in the queue to be type caste, to little imagination to walk to on an unbeaten path, take a road less traveled if or leave a trail behind for someone to explore the possibilities ahead.

The mind wonder often lonely. Its always the right time to get the act together, let the mind, body, thoughts actions and soul try a road trip together.

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