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I dare say that cricket is a great leveller, for that matter any sport. The favourites never win. It is like in life nobody knows what is going to happen next.
Then there are exceptions, I believe end or a downslide of persons, peoples, races, and organization begin when they realize they are indispensable. Success is not a state or a destination it is the journey, a process. When civilization, kingdoms, hierarchies and armies or for that matter big corporation have collapsed when they have reached their pinnacle.
The process is natural. A decline has to follow maturity. That is why people keep on reinventing, repacking, revaluing products. They advertise the product as new even if it meant change in price by a fraction of a rupee. I am not against advertising. I think it is a great science, a brilliant art form, great attraction. The ads these days are so touching. I think there are some serials you sit and watch for commercials only. The only reason being there are lots of commercials in them. If one talks of “family shows” produced by Ekkta Kkapporr (a.k.a. Ms. Ekta Kapoor) I off late realized why these are family shows. I had a little laugh on my naivety and realized the folly. These “family shows” are so called not because they are seen by family, it is a story of group of people who came together.The important features which they had in common where
They all are somewhere linked by “extra” marital affairs, who knows what?
They all head makeovers/image changeover at some point in time.
No one knows whose kid his whose daughter etc etc.<span class=”fullpost”>
Only the kids grow older and after a point of time the age gap between grandmother, mother and daughter is just couple of Olympics either way.
They all run on shock value. I hope you remember when character “Mihir Virani” died some people wanted National flag on the half-mast.
The spelling of the serials should be either spelt in Hindi only.  
What happens when people start to turn their backs on these kinds of serials? They never ever want to see that type of serial again. At some point Ms.Ekta Kapoor will need to break the mould herself. I think she started to so that with Hum Paanch on Zee T.V. but how long will it last? I am not too optimistic. Madame’ (Ekta Kapoor) the world is going flatter before you realize. Why should I watch something, which makes me cry? Is it not happiness that we seek this I think defines success of Kaun Banega Crorepati, Nach Baliye, Jassi, etc. I know crorepati has more than one reason to be successful. I pray for Amitabh Bachchan's speedy recovery. He is for me an icon of perseverance more than any thing else.
How the world is getting flatter? If you wish to seek, the answer read, “The World is flat” by Thomas L Friedman. I have read it. It is a great book. It is a very contemporary book talk about Globalization. I hope “Globalization” is not a turn off word for you. It will provide you deep insights and may be suggest some new ways of working out your options and start believing into the fact that resources are always mean and not the opportunity. It is one book, which is well crafted and helps in understanding “Internet” better.
The day started with wishing something that was not to be. The second day also washed out. I do not know what Sourav Ganguly’s star suggest but I believe he is ready to hit some BIG scores. I think he will first person who would be cursing the rain Gods. The crowd behaviour was uncalled for in a match against South Africa. Ganguly has been an awesome One-day player without doubt but I think it would have been wise in hindsight if he could have let go of captaincy six months back. I agree with people who say time is right for a change. Then there were some people hell bent on reclaiming the throne for Sourav Ganguly. His run getting statistics fail do deceive. He is a better player than that.
English media beaten by an Englishman? The English media raised the cricket team to high pedestal after they thought they had done the unthinkable. I think the Australian team was never their. The pace bowlers were out of form, the openers came just to register them selves on the batting card. Shan Warne took wickets though. The Law of averages caught up with Australia and then lost the Ashes first time in nearly two decades. The Pakistani team waited for England. The English team was caught napping and were defeated two to nil in a three match series.
I think this will help English team to realize that road to the top is tough and winding and the English media should stop beating hollow drums.</span>    

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