About: XAT-Atom Bomb on Paper

My endeavour for cracking XAT started with a long ticket line at Kandivili Station.I find it difficult to digest as to where people are going early Sunday Mornings.Anyways i manged to get an empty seat and chucked along to Bandra, thats where my center was.This is the first center whose location I knew well.There were smiling faces I saw every where s sign of perhaps things to come.

After some deliberations,announcements and instructions XAT for an entrance exam for XLRI started.It was a notch above CAT.I started with MATHS then beleaguredly soved D.I. I thought LR was easy and then moved on to English.Did a few missed a few.
Then we were also expected to write an essay on "Indian has a large manpower but very few technological innovations and patents" I managed to write it in 20 minutes, the stipulated time for the essay.
After 12:30 Pm tommorow i am feeling like i have been bombed by an atom bomb or I am living in a place going through a "nuclear winter"


Neha said...

i heard it was really tough!!
do u hv any more exams left?

Sakshi said...

Way to go. When do the GDs start?

The Light-House. said...

@ Neha:Yes coupleof them more in Feb
@ Sakshi: Dont know.Cant say anything wwrite now. :-(