Blog: Rain and Songs

I had to blog today I did not guess I would have time to do so but some how with three quarters of an hour to go after some phone calls and some odd running around, I have managed to take time off and sit out to Blog.

Murphy's Law/Murphies Laws, or call it what you want.

Someone I don't remember said that life is nothing but witnessing bizzare events. I managed to get up early today, thats not a coincidence though, the cell phone memory seem to running brim, I thought why not ease it off some numbers which I don't use "regularly" I though why not delte them. I did de;ete them and then out of the one and a half dozen numbers that i deleted, three people called me. I was dumb founded. I think next time I delete someone's number I will call him fist and declare to him that You are erased.

The weather here.

The weather seems to be on a roller coaster a loud gurgling and downpour woke me up at around 4 in the morning. I soon realized I had couple of more hours to do what I do loving most, sleep. I manged to sleep till 7:30 and then it was all the way to getting ready and being just on time. The day was awesome here bright sunshine for couple of days during the day. This bright sunshine cast dark clouds of doubt in my mind about what will about to unfold. I had a heafty lunch and then resume some documentation which was pending. I dragged myself to the site. I have a "site" job. I for some reason am very proud not to be in IT field, no offence to the techies though I think they are doing a great job in everything they are doing.
I felt thje wind picking up and it was becoming very breezy. One could see clear blue skies but withing 15 minutes there was darkness all round. The absence of camera in my hand made me curse myself again. I for one did not have much choice though. The cloud looked really good, shiny dark grey-black back ground. The wind meanwhile started to howl, me and my friend picked up the sigh and headed to canteen enroute to office had some biscuits as dinner is still far far away. I entered office and I hard the clatter of rain. i had a smile on my face as I was not wet in the cold AC.
The reason of smile was actually finding time to blog.

The list of Songs now.

I never had the snese of music. I adore people who play an sort of instrument, paint, sing, dance or whatever. I have a strong belief that one has it in you and these things cannot be learnt. I wish I could play the song by Jagjit Singh which goes as "तेरे होटो को सालाम, जीन को छु जाने को तरसे कई सागर कई जाम..." then a few more sungs were being played in my mind some of Pankaj Udhas song "चान्धी जैसा रान्ग है तेरा ..."
As the rain started I wanted to sing the Bryan Adams of a song "Lets make a night to remember from January to December"

Last but not the least.

This one is for people who don't have Blog Alias. What would your Alias be for the Blog-O- Sphere, a name by which you wish to be know?
I think I would like to rename "myself" as The Light-House .You meanwhile give it a wild thought and write in the name which you would be known as in the Blog-O- Sphere.


Neha said...

lol.. thts some coincidence... ppl calling u after uv deleted their numbers.next time when u want someone to call u, u shud try deleting their numbers...lol...
me back to bloggin after soo many days.. wat hv u been upto?

Sindhu said...

Hi Tarun,

Let me try... deleting the e-mail IDs of the people I badly want to hear from from my adress book :) Let us see, iss tarah line me aayenge ki nahi. :)

Very nice line that... from Jagjit Singh's song you quoted. I like Pankaj's "Saawan ke suhaane mausam me..." and this one too.

Keshi said...

**I have a strong belief that one has it in you and these things cannot be learnt

True. It comes as part of u.

**The Light-House

wow nice one. Let me be 'Water Lily'...


The Light-House. said...

@ Neha:I think it was more than a conincidence.Good to see an update on your blog.
I am busy in office and waiting for "Saturtday" night.

@ Sindhu:I forgot to add this in first few paragraphs "Please Don't try this at home" ;P
I dont think I have heard that one, but will try to get it though.

@ Keshi: "Water Lily" ... cool

Neha said...

me the tigress!! ha ha ha
roar roar.....
lets make a night.......awww..love that song...have been hearing it since last night when i was home alone!
and that jagjit singh song..nah! not heard that one!
me deleting ur blog from ma bookmarks!! know why??
ahhh..u smart boy!u guessed it!

The Light-House. said...

Tigress......excting.Me loves Bryan's songs. *Smiles*

Sudeep said...

lol.. since i dont like talking on phone i never bother to delete or add anyone.

i agree with u.. i havent seen the sun in many days (apart due to the rains) n feel the wind in my hair

i would be Achilles.. luv tht character

The Light-House. said...

Achilles ... yes I did remember u wearing long locks and sweard and a shield but I guess the spear was hidden in the bag.
*Has a very huge roar of laughter at his own PJ*
Yes Troy was a good movie.