About: Floods in Surat

I wish I could post some snaps of the over flooded Tapi river on which the Diamond City of Surat is located. I would like to add something more about the city which may interest the ladies at least. India polishes 90% of all the diamonds in the world. The city of surat nearly contributes to 90% of these, in short out of every 5 diamonds in the the world 4 are polished in Surat. The following snap were clicked by colleague and you might just note the "subtle" changes. The rage in the current and the volume of the river is beyond imagination of any one who hasn't seen it yet. It is ferociuos, so much so that the water has covered three bridges which intraconnect suburbs of Surat towards places where bus-stand and station are located.
A few months back.


I am away from the city of Surat while my folks are "safe" and sound in the surrounds of compounds of the colony of the company my father works for. The term safe means the situation is under control and there is no need to press the panic button but the water is gushing in and the worst is feared to come yet so situation may get to no ones surprise. The floods have definetly thrown the city of out of gear and there can't be much damage analysis untill the waters recede. the situations is worst because of water being dispersed from a dam called Ukai which is Tapi's upstream. The rains have eased considerably since last 12 hours.

I am sitting pretty at my office and there are no concern around what-so-ever. I will try and keep this posted. Please don't spread any panic buttons.


Sindhu said...


ishita said...

i saw the river on tv...it lukd pretty scary haan!!!....hopin rains don gather momentum again and things r back to normal soon...


lil _kath said...

... hope everything will be ok soon, u take care yaar!

... have a nice day!


Sudeep said...

saw Surat today morn on news.. it is a bad cond.. hope the rains cease n the high tides dont bring in more water

Neha said...

aey don worry...things will be fine...just relax.

Lavanya said...

gr8 pics thanks for this

Neha said...

hey i hope everything stays ok... stay safe!!
take care
keep updating!

Keshi said...

Im glad ur folks r ok. TC Tarun and also may God help those who r affected by it.


~Lord Anshul said...

holy mother of god, so for now. u chill at home and relaz..enjoy the break from work :D

The Light-House. said...

@ Sindhu: It was sad.
@ Ishita: It was worst then what u saw on TV.
@ Kathy: Nice days is what I am seeking. ... days gone by have been tough.
@ Sudeep:There is hardly been any news about it.
@ Neha:Things were in total diarray no time to relax.
@ Lavanya: Thank U.
@ Neha:Everything has been anything but "OK" :(
@ Keshi: I think GOD help those who help themselves.
@ Anshul: Holy Grandmother of GOD thats what people were saying in the city.

Keshi said...

true :)


Dalila said...

It is really scary! Take care, Tarun.

Sindhu said...

No problem Tarun, hope it gets better soon.
Take care

The Light-House. said...

@ Keshi: Thanks ...
@ Dalila: I am good but just a little shaken.
@ Sindhu: Me too hoping for thingsd to get back on track.