About: Surat in Floods.

Frist things first, Greeting to everyone celebrating India's Independece Day.
If there is no good match on Cricket in a few days from now, the post on my blogs would be would try to paint the details of horror which the floods bought to the city of Surat. These posts are likely to be somber and pensive. I thought writing this is important coz I am not in a mood to dampen someone's spirit.

Answering a few Questions.
I will try and answer each of the following question in the next part so as to share the misery and dismay of the flood situation here. These questions are as follows:-
  1. What?
  2. Where?
  3. When?
  4. Who?
  5. Why?
  6. How?

1. What?

Surat and south of Gujrat were witnessing heavy rainfalls in the fast three weeks. The rain seem to be wary from the ridicule to the bizzare. It use to get so dark in the day that sometimes lunch seemed like evening breakfast (supper). There were rains in other parts of the country as well namely Vidarbha and Andhra. I dont have any details of what happened in those parts I am giving an eyewintess accounts to a flooded river and the effects there after.

2. Where?
The area in and around Surat. the area's which were badly hit were areas of "Adajan"
and "Rander" along with the Industrail Zone of "Hazira". The oackage released by the government might be short even for cleaning the silt and the mud bought in by the over flowing river. The river Tapi surrounds the city of Surat before emptying itself in Arabian Sea.

3. When?
It all started on 6 of August heavy downpour saw people crying to heavens for mercy little did they know what was to unfold. The night going into 7 saw the tempo of rains ever increasing. The dates 8 and 9 were conming up next on the calendar.

To be continued ...


Arz000n said...

Man...floods are scary...
and its sad to hear about Suart being flooded these days...
Hope mumbai mein floods na aa jaye..like last year...July 27 :)

Hiren said...

Gujarat is really facing bad times. First the Earthquake, then Godhra and now surat's surat has changed. Hope things return to normal fast.

lil _kath said...

Hope heavy rains will end up soon in Gujarat... i saw news last night and its really scary, hope all people there are safe.

..take care yaar!

~Lord Anshul said...

whoa dude !!!
i wont say rains are fun..not aymore.

you take care

The Light-House. said...

Arz000n: Musch worst man, the water did not recede for more than 3 days.It was awful.

@ Hiren: Yes there are some bad ohase in recent history.

@ Kathy: It is more scary seeing it for real.

@ Anshul: Hey Anshul.I am ok buyt just a little weary of weater for a few days.

Sudeep said...

happy independence day to u too..

the video of the flooding river u mailed was scary.. n the news reported was tht the Irrigation Dept shld have released water in installments.. if they had done tht then this situation would have been averted.. is it true?

The Light-House. said...

Sudeep: There is not a single explanation/excuse for what happened, I think it was waiting to happen.There were some reasons which were beyond control and some just slipped by.

ishita said...

how r things tarun? i cldn't get arnd blogs much coz of a lousy net connection and crazy power cuts but was keeping track of the floods in the news....hope things r better now?...saw a recent news clip sayin floods likely in ahmedabad...

i've seen floods in assam...i know how devastating they can be...