Cricket: A delayed series.

India vs Sri Lanka
A false start.

The rain is not as much responsible for the dismay of cricket fans as the organizers. The Indian sub continent comes under Monsoon type of climate.Ther is not much happening apart from rains and subsquent floods. This is no secret and everybody who lives in the sub-continet knows this fact. It would not be a mystery even to a student of sixth class. I question the wisdom of organizing a series at this time of the year. It was stupid. I am not sure till date if we could witness even a single match lasting one day and 100 overs.
It was sad to see crores worth of money going down the drain. It was inevitable.

England vs Pakistan.
I was amazed from the very start of the series. English players hit tons of tonnes and their spinners got fifers. The Pakistan batsmen apart from Yosuf looked at see and their fast bowlers had checked into nearest hospital nursing injuries. Pakistan have always been know for the quality fast bowlers. They were missing in England this time though. Their absence meant the English batsmen to be amaong runs. The Likes of Cooks and Colingwood cemented their place. Ian bell who has diffculty taking stance while batting hit centuries. Danish Kaneria looked ost comfotable pulling hair out of his head. The poor fielding of Pakistanis is a trademark of their team along with their fast bowling.Sami was a lone warrior with limited support at the other end.

Along came Asif.

This was the series for Pakistani till a Mohd. Asif forced his way. He looked awesome against India when they toured Pakistan earlier in this year. He seemed to e a brilliant line and length bowler who could bowl some hostile stuff and amazing speeds. He spear headed the attack and Pakistan drubbed in English and the English skittled out for 173. I believe all the hype of brilliant performances would be buried now.

Pakistan will hopefully win.
I know it is too early to take a call as to who will win but Pakistan seem to be in control at 370 for 3 as of now. I believe Inzamam has all the time in the world and will hopefully smack the life out of English bowling. Harmisson was already looking like an ordinary up and down medium pacer. Monty needs to tighten up.
If Pakistani bowling was as good as it was in first innings then Pakistan will win in all probabilty.

Apart from cricket.
I have got an alias for myself know. You may call me "The Light-House".


Gaurav Jain said...

Right. This is a bad time to have a cricket match in the indian subcontinent... god knows when the authorities will learn that monsoons come every year at this time (it's almost a nursery level fact)

Nice blog, by the way!

Invincible said...

Hey Tarun, well i m around, not in full swing though :)

Few yrs back they did the same. The entire series was washed out.
This looks to be set for a deja vu.

I am out of touch with cricket aft coming here :(

Keshi said...

Rain n Cricket r old enemies :)


Neha said...

back to cricket after the floods...thts good news :-)
even though the series has been washed away..it seems tht the rain refuses to let go of u !!

Arz000n said...

One colleague of mine asked me here...do watch cricket...he is a proper localite okie...from England...

and I went...no

he was like...man you are boring then...hehehe :)

~Lord Anshul said...

ind lanka series was a major disappiontment..
i was waiting or this series for long..and look wat i got

and eng pak match..lets talk abt it..forfeit..rofl
inzy wont forget this moment ever !

vibhor said...

im remember the world cup..
where india losses the match,but it was possible to win if rain continues that disturbed the game for 20 mins..

The Light-House. said...

@ Gaurav:Thanks for coming in and commenting.
Well cricket and cricketeing authorities do make very odd couple.
@ Invinci:*A big grin*.Nice to see u back.
@ Keshi:Yes.I wonder what will cricket be like if it goes indooors?
@ Neha:I am longing for a good sunset.
@ Arz000n:Brits following cricket, surely he would be an odd man out.
@ Anshul: He shouldn't.It was weird though.
@ Vibhor:Rain and cricket ... so dreadful

Keshi said...

I wouldnt like indoor cricket...it loses the magic of it then.


The Light-House. said...

@ Keshi: Let see them playing indoors first.