Cricket: A calypso fiasco

It was a weird ODI match. This match was an example of a ordinary start a top order collapse a middle order repair and great flourish in the end of first innings. It was then followed by a rich start a huge pile of agony some poor strokes which were ridiculous at times. A big collapse and a great finish for Aussies. They always have some player bailing them out of trouble in the first innings it was Micheal Clarke and SHane watson who did some repair work and then while defending it was Shane Watson with the ball who did the trick taking four wickets.

Aussie start struggle and come on top.

Ian Bradshaw bowled his heart out. He is a prime example of how line and length will get you more then brute pace nad going up and down. He would have framed his bowling figures and may show it to his grand children.
Ponting came and had a net he wasn't much interested in singles and found an easier way to score runs. he just creamed West Indian pace bowlers for boundaries Lawson his main bunny. There was a top order collapse in which three wickets fell for nothing. I still don't know why Simon Katich is opening the batting for Aussies. I hope they find a better opener.
Clarke then eased out things and repaired the Aussie innings. he managed to save wickets so that there could be onslaught in the end. The plan proved decisive as the Aussies manged to rattle the West Indian bowlers and managed 100 runs in last fifteen overs. They managed to post a plush 279 in 50 overs. They canned the bowling and put up a good total. McGrath couldn't have waited to bowl at West Indians and get back to rhythm.

West Indies bang bang boom.

The West Indian start was cautious and then they decided to test the new Aussie bowling sensation Johnson who was praised by none other then Ricky Ponting. He was simply hit out of the park. Chanderpaul a make shift opener just kept them hitting away. The West Indian score was racing away. They manged to reach 120 odd without lossing a wicket and thats when West Indian dream started to end. Gayle was kept quiet and Chanderpaul was busy shredding the Aussies. Gayle offered a simple catch at backward point. Chanderpaul was then dismissed for 90. The West Indians were 172 for two at one point and then Aussies managed a huge collapse courtesy poor batting, judicious bowling and some neat catching.
The last 8 wickets or the (next 8) fell for just 29 runs and West Indies were all out for 201 with in 35 overs.

This match perhaps highlights how good are the Aussies and how ordinary are West Indies. The Aussies managed to win the match from an impossbile position. It is never over untill it is truly over.


~Lord Anshul said...

trust me..after first 20 overs..i thought.aussies are raped..major..in all holes.

but wata comback !!
kudos !!

Sudeep said...

arre kya yaar aaj baarish ne waat laga daali :(

Lavanya said...

Truly awesome match!

Keshi said...

Aussies rule ;-) LOL!


The Light-House. said...

@ Anshul: It was more then a comeback.
@ Sudeep: Rains :'(
@ Lavanya: Yes good to see WI can give some fight to Aussies.
@ Keshi: Yes they do rule the roost.