Cricket: It aint over until ...

They say it is never over untill the last run is scored or the last wicket claimed. As off now when i decided to post this one West Indies stand at 145/9 chasing India's meagre score of 162. They may win they may loose, this is perhaps One Day Cricket at it's best. It is so close to life. It is afterall a game of glorious uncertainities.

More coming up in next 24 hours. ...

The following is the Second Edit along with the review.

I did not manage to "see" the match but managed to "see" the scores Live. The internet offcourse. There was a bit of nastalgia as I missed a walkman tugged in my trouser pockets and listening to commentary in guise of attending a lecture in college. The trick was pretty simple. tugg in a walkman into your trouser were a t-shirt/ shirt and make it sure it is not tugged in. One needs good crisp earphones, which is ably supported by long connecting wires. This was entangled with the vest and I could listening to commentary in middle of lectures. Those were the best days of my life ... perhaps.
Anyways radio wasn't there net was.

The start ... looks whats the score.

The first look at the score made me relaised that India has lost four wickets for nothing. There was more agony to follow though. I had started to pray for rain Gods even though I have seen enough of rains and things following heavy rains. The "missed calls" of prayers were never answered perhaps to my delight. The NEWS Media now makes the plan of day for Indian team. I heard on the news channel that with such famed batting line up can we win the World Cup. I thought Dude take the bat and "Go Play". Can you win any struggle of your life if you have convinced yourself to be a loser? The World Cup is far away and next match is damn exciting.
The delivery which claimed Dravid would have claimed any right hand batsmen, who ever played cricket. It was a stinger.
Sehwag did a little better on a ball which kept low, always suspect to incoming coming deliveries. He made a solitary single.
Yuvraj Singh who could put no foot wrong 3 months back now can't put a foot right. He seems out of sorts and out of thoughts and out of form as well. Wake Up Yuvraj.
Suresh Raina, showed his class with couple of thumping drives and then was goobbled up behind the wickets. He scored 11
MSD well we did not have enough of him he struck some thumping boundaries but sucumbed to a ball keeping low, he was bowled for 18.
Man of Match Harbhajan add spice and score to pretty ordinary batting display and managed to restore a touch of respectability to the score. He also struck a couple of sixes which might have pleased him. He was out to over amibiton he made 37.
Tendulkar is back and his century was no flash in the pan. he adjusted and made 65. He was unfourtunately run out.
Indian batsmen look out of osrts and form. Tendulkar needs nothing besides a bat to score runs. I hope the selection is wise before the match with Aussies see us hoping the next flight home.

Nehle pe Dehle.

India is one team that can make a One Sided match exciting. The Indian team has pulled off amazing defeats when the obvious result was from victory and they have also managed some thirilling victory when a loss seemed hell bent for a date. One inning doesn't always decides the fate of the match.
India just needed 10 good deliveries before Windies crossed the threshold of 162 runs. They managed to do that in some vengenace and at times gave Windies a taste of their own medicine courtesy some aggressive pace bowling headed by Munaf and company.
Sarwan getting out to Munaf was an exceptionaly good ball.
Hinds offered simplest of chance inform of a return catch to Harbhajan.
The middle and late order is so very fragile for Windies. I think Lara needs to bat on all eleven postion. He came late perhaps too late.
Wavell Hinds should open.
Chanderpaul two down Lara should be three down. West Indies have pretty decent lower middle order of Smith, Bradshaw and Samuels.

I hope they dont repest the show in finals.


Rupali_Srivastava said...

Hey Thabks for visiting my Blog. and the suggetstions
Happy Cricket viewing

Keshi said...

hey I look like Sophie? WOW ty :)

btw ur a cricket maniac...it's official now!


~Lord Anshul said...

lara coming down the order was the biggest strategical mistake. best matsmen shud play max overs, thts one of the basic rule.

and india still have to face a fierce battle against mighty aussies. and now they are stronger than ever and it will be abig blow to thr reputation, to not reach final. they will give thr everything

but watever !!


prachi said...

hi buddy,
cricket festival again...
everybody's eyes were close to tv channels only...
but yesterday match was superb..i havent seen it..but my frens keep me updating about it...

The Light-House. said...

@ Rupali: Not much viewing happening coz me stuck in office hope to see the final though. Thabnks for coming in.

@ Keshi: Yes I love the game so much.Being a cricket maniac is not something strange in India

@ Anshul: Yes Lara coming down stumped me.
Sure adds his voice to "Go India".

@ Prachi: Thanks for coming in.It was a good match.

Keshi said...

na its not even strange in Aus/Sri Lanka :)