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So it is a day of many celebrations. Dusshera, Gandhi Jayanti along with Lal Bahdur Jayanti. Plus it is a holiday on Monday that alone calls or a celebration. My cousin is also celebrating his birthday so greetings to him as well.

Dusshera/Vijay Dashmi.

I sat searching for Dusshera on Wikipedia and Google to get more info as I did not wanted to miss listing many "days" of this day. Offcouse this day marks the day of good over bad. Lord Ram killed the Demon King Ravana this day. Me not enlisting the detail. Ramayan khatam ho gayi aur.... Ravan kaun aur Ram kaun. Here is one site which I think entails the importance of the day. There are more than u know, thats what I felt after I read it. You can always Google or check out Yahoo Answers.


People spit venom on him. But he is beond any live souls critcism. He may be wrong he may be right. But he was respected among the Britishers too. Those were days when nothing was right and an one could be booked under anything. Doing things had time needed qualities which are not meant for normal average person. The British Judge use to get up when he use to appear in court for trials. Amazing Man.
This is what Einstein had to say

Generations to come will scarce believe that such
a one as this, walked the Earth in flesh and blood.

I guess it needs a Genius to understand a Genius. The times have changed and Gandhism has changed to Gandhigiri, appreciated by one and all. It does potray things in positive light.
I don't think someone even comes close to second to him. He not only inspired to fight but inspired to win against all odds. At that point in time we were figthing against all odds.
So my humble tributes to the Greatest Perhaps ...

Lal Bahdur Jayanti.

There are three sides of every story, my side, your side and the truth. The Congress party has managed to resrect a Dynasty in a Democracy and that takes some doing. Lal Bahadur Shastri was the second Prime Minster of India. He is perhaps lost in history. But was very astute leader. he was known for his humility and honesty. He too shared his birthday with Gandhiji. They were two collosus of their times.


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The Light-House. said...

@ Ronak: Yes sure I will do this at the earliest.

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Neha said...

wats up...
how r u doing..been so long na!!

good post... informative too!!
There are people who criticise gandhi so much without probably even bothering to know what he stood for...

aCey said...

hi, tarun! was just hoppin' around from people's blogs, 'til i got here.

interesting post. made me wanna live in india (for a time) more. anyway, i hope you enjoy the celebrations.

take care!

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The Light-House. said...

@ Kathy: Don't know about the week ahead but feels like a weekend already.

@ Neha: I agree 100% on this ...
I think he is way beyond anyones criticism.

@ Acey: Your Blog was really good.
Hope to see more of u here.

GolbGuru said...

Man..I miss all those holidays when the leaders were born (or died).
But all those things on a single days means less holidays right ? :)

Mandar said...

Good to read Lal Bahadur Shastri in ur post.
Many don't know about LBS's b'day (so much for the mahatma).

So u had fun?

Hiren said...

There is no doubt that Gandhi was great but one wonders how far it is possible to follow what he said in all circumstances. Yesteraday the papers reported headlines that India is the most corrupt state- far from idealistic.

Shastri was a giant in a dwarf's getup.

The Light-House. said...

@ Golb: He he he ... :D let me tell u I dont miss 'em much ...
@ Mandar: Fun ... slept till well past noon ... so may be yes.
@ Hiren: Good to see u ...

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I think i was okay with the idea of gandhigiri ...

nice post :)

sorry abt the tapi mistake ... i hv corrected it.

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When I wrote a topic of similar sweep in my blog http://ramblingnanda.blogspot.com , I had a kind of hunch that others might have posted matching texts. And now my random blog navigation has brought me here.

A good post. Thanks.


The Light-House. said...

@ Cheesy: Long time no blogging... good to see u commenting after such a long time.
I too agree with funda of Gandhigiri.
@ Nanda: Thank u so much for coming ...