About: Weekends and Mismatches

The weekend came and went like a fast rajdhani train while I thought I stood on an unamed, unmaned station. The regular of catching with people over the phone and unwinding on saturdays nights and making plans for coming up festivities. I plan to shop by the way. Then i also made sure that CAT is mocking at me, then there was orkut too, some study and some test and some analysis. The ghost called D.I. still mock at me like there are I don't know what? Maths and English make e feel good and cozy.

Mentally Affected Teacher Harrassing Students?

While chatting with someone I suggest the Maths section of CAT is worth falling in love with a milion times in a single life time. I am not a geek but I think I love the subject Maths and I was all ways at ease with Geometry, Co-ordinate Geometry and Trignometry and Arithmetic. Algebra was big of a niggle but then I did not mind much. I think Geometry was one of the first thing that caught my attention after arithmetic and it is always fun.
The shortest distance between two points is indeed a straight line. :) I have one friend of mine whom I have know sinces ages know, I use to say with him that I have always been good with numbers, but numbers haven't been always good at me. It was a lame attempt to extract humor oversomething. I guess life is about giving up ego and following a discipline that will see oneself at a level which one aspires for. It is a long and tedious journey only laced with diffculties of giving up things which we should want to hold onto forever. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.
There is a great merit and working your ass off for something which one hopes for and belief in. There is no room for anything negative because things happen the wayyou want them to happen. There are examples for these cases before everyone who reads these lines, one may site an Olmypic athelete winning a gold medal even though she suffered poilio, or there may be the case of Lance Armstrong who had the balls to win Tour-De-France thrice after fighting Cancer. There will be millions of those examples which most be able to site why not add out own. The great lives are all about doing extra-ordinary events in an ordinary lives. Mother Teresa for one. Do i neeed to say more?
Then there was unlimited help - yourself cold coffee which I love to have. I managed to rip some Hindi old songs, Winamp 5.3 looks good. I manged to add couple of more school day pals of mine on Orkut. It has been such a rage and such a fun. I few things common to all bloggers would be, a blog ;P, An Orkut Profile, a separate buddy list on YM/GTalk/MSN truck load of forwards from fellow bloggers in the Inbox. I think I missed having pasteires but then enjoyed some mouth watering chaat, courtesy a family visit. :D


I heard this some where ... "You know whast common to Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and England?"
none of these teams have ever won a major ICC tournament like a world cup or a champions trophy. It is a sad story, this Champions Trophy. Windies were all out for 80 runs. They are defending Champions. The match was so tard. I think Windies selectors should find some grit and steel into their team. This teams look weary even to complete the formalities. There are two mavericks Lara and Gayle and then there is Chanderpaul and Sarwan how u wont back up much. The Windies are depended on Lara and Gayle more than India has ever been on Tendulkar. It is such a shame, I hope Windies cricket survives this patch. It has such a vibrant past but they need to walk out of it of else we all will see documentaries not to far from today titled "Cricket was calypso once."

India vs England.

The English body language looked very negative. Their actions on the pitch confirmed my notion, and result of the match affirmed. Is England really looking forward to winning The Ashes again. If it is then they must make sure that they give a tough fight. There has been everything negative about them. Did u look at home Harmisson bowl? He looked like a clown in the middle of a big circus rather then a Hero of Ashes. Flintoff doesn't want to bowl and he is unable to bat. The best of batsmen follow the tail-enders like players. I seem to get a vibe that the English are here to just fill the numbers. One can look at the Aussies they are here in full strength and a good show here will surely take them a long way to win back The Ashes.

Did England bat first or India bowled first.

After looking at the score card it looked like Indian bowled first and there was only one team on the ground has Dravid's post match comments delight also is in tune with this fact.
I have never seen the Indian bowling so sharp all the whiff about of the boil Pathan is now on the back burner with Dravid coming out in full support of Sehwag and Pathan who seem to be chasing some form with either bat or ball or both.
The English batting line up looked like an International Dialling code and they came and went people reject from an interview. Pietersen always looks good but often fails to deliver. Collingwood is a Kaif like case. I wonder if England have thought about saving him for the eleventh wicket?
There was no fight and I think I thought there would be some fightback. There was only one fight in the form of bucketing England for a very ordinary score on a decent batting pitch.

India may wanted to do things in style but then India is one team which can make one sided match exciting and they put in their best efforts to make this exciting but citing limitations of the runs to be scored they came home by four wickets. Sachin looked in some class and he is perhaps licking his lips to meet Aussies soon. It was so good to see him in FIrst Slip and take the Pietersen catch. He drives were more about fierce power, precision placement and a breath taking finish. A picture perfect touchwood.

I sit and pray for some exciting matches which I would love to watch.


exasparater said...

indian batting is bizaare! preparing for CAT? cool yaar!

Sakshi said...

Lance Armstrong won Tour de France 7 times.. not 3 as you put it. And this after recovering from testicular cancer (so he had a ball to do it :))

Keshi said...

lol @MATHS!


The Light-House. said...

@ Exas: Not Bizzare, just out of touch.

@ Sakshi: I knew he won it seven times, but me was under notion that he won it thrice after fightiing Cancer. :|

@ Keshi: Yes school was such a cool place to be.

Sakshi said...

@ Tarun - nope all the 7 times were after the cancer. He had cancer early on in his career and the 7 times were in a row! An inspiring guy.

The Light-House. said...

Yes Truly Phenomenonal as well as controversial.

Sakshi said...

Why controversial? He has been cleared of every foul charge that the Frenchies thought of. He is an inspirational story to all but expecially for cancer victims.

GolbGuru said...

It's good to know you liked geometry. I loved it since a disatrous 9th grade exam. But after that exam, there was no stopping with those theorems and proofs. Almost devoured the whole text-book in the next couple of months.:)

Good luck for your CAT, what's what these days? IIM-A as usual? Must be close to your place :)

GolbGuru said...

Above about CAT, i meant "what's hot these days?"

The Light-House. said...

@ Sakshi: I dont think he is cleared as off yet.But whatever he did he remains an amzing example of what determination to win.

@ Golb: IIM-A well so close no matter how far ...
Anyways Lets see. It i s deemed world toughfest B-School to get into

Sakshi said...

@ Tarun - Armstrong is cleared off. HE was cleared last summer. You are thinking about the new American winner.

The Light-House. said...

@ Sakshi: U sure he was cleared? I dont think so...