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Well well feels so good to have a chilly wind sweeping across your face. Surat is just chilled enough to have some quality time around. Fourtunately there is no one around to spend this time other than eating my "Swiss Miss". It is a yummy chocolate pastry. I am a not heavily into non-vegetarin dishes but I think I can never ever say no to a tandoori chicken. Tandoori Chicken for dinner and Swiss Miss for dessert. Gosh its a mean world.

CAT and SNAP bombed.Not optimistic for XAT either.

No shoulder to cry over required here. I wasn't quiet ever there I think. I did not put in much efforts. But the result diminish whatever I thought I put it. The result just bombed the ceiling and crashed the floor of my emotion's comfort zone. I could not do it but this is not putting myself on a mat and kicking me for rest of my life. It was a bad dream giving CAT. I was exhausted long before I even started preparing for it and did not have enough to pull out at the last time. I breath a bit easier these days. I have a decent job in hand and dont want to think of consequences, pros and cons whats if and what nots of an MBA. I think a friend of mine equally devasted with is result blogged things just right. I dont want to see myself either runing away and hiding myself from a beautiful winter sun, chilly mornings and wonderful blooming days.

This is perhaps also one more reason to look forward to 2007. I also would not blame any person (alive or dead), event, place, cricket match, or a pastry over my debacle coz "The harder you work, the luckier you get" my brother says.The failure isn't in never falling but it is never rising once you take the fall.
I have reasons to believe that my good days and nightmare come and go in close proximity. So if I am having some bad days I know whats coming up next.I plan to start all over again this time there will a process, a vision, an aim and a reason.

"Let the reason be you" from the song "The reason" by Hoobastank.

LOL. I love laughing these days in joy off course no sign of worries and debacles near me they are definetly. Life has been good till date and the God above has been kind and generous put everybody want more... (par yeh dil maange morni)

I wasn't the lone screw up.

Cricket this there is some more to read down below but let me rwrite it coz I love writing my cricket post never mind the fact that I am the only one reading it.

Anyways Indian team displayed a classic case in of digging ones own grave carving out the headstone and arranged there own funeral and invited the guest and also did the last rites. India had three chances and they wrapped it up and gave it to SAfs. They made a good start on a home cooked pitch but failed to bat them out of the game.They screwed up by withering away . They did not build up enough pressure when SAfs batted and the first time. They slumped further into the hole when they batted again in their second innings. The final innings they never had a chance. There may be many stars to come out of the innings but India was let down by Tendulkar and Kumble. Kumble was bowling his unnatural leg stump line and Tendulkar simply disappointed. If he is carrying a niggling injury why is he playing?

There were people who went ga ga over Ganguly, he may do well in coming One Days, but his ODI record is fab abut in test I think he has to score more to impress me. Munaf squarely took the blame and India meekly came back. I will hopefully a better cricket from India. They are playing at home. But wats the point of 4 matches?
Shame on the organisers.

XAT bombed, again.

CAT was "easy" I dont mock this one I haven't faired the best. It was easy to say that the least. XAT has a weird pattern though , I found hard to realise what were the options and where the question added.
Lets talk up reaching early to a center and late into the alloted room. There are very few people in Mumbai who aren't familiar with "Saint Xaviers" I have lived long enough in mubai to exactly pin point the location. I reached at Xaviers at 8:15 in the morning. I hired a taxi and I reached the centre where a banner exclaimed that this was a Cnter for XAT a test for XLRI.

I was strolling about seeing faces just before the exam. I spotted a senior of mine. We chatted and I went to my class but unable to spot where I am suppose to go. There was a exodus from that center. I realised I was supoose to go to Xaviers College and I was standing in the premises of Xaviers School. Luckily these two are not Pluto and Neptune from Earth. I stroled across only too see the people folowing me to college and some people heading towards Xaviers School.

If any one who is organising XAT is reading this, For Christ sake keep either Xaviers school or Xaviers college as the examination center and not both of them

There was more to follow. I read the board correctly I wrote down my examination hall number byt I wasn't able to spot it. It was on fourth flooer but I could only see three. I imagine a tent and mats and student filling in the required deatils. Now I have always studies in school or college with big courtyards, passages and halls. But if u were there that day in XAviers (college) U would have reaalised there were no corridors every passage was part of another class only creating further ruckus. I thought whats this Kumbh ka mela. It was about to start near that date only. I wanted to break the walls against my head. I then manged to get over the attic. I meet someone who told me confessions on the ground floor fourth room on the third right. I confessed I had come for an exam. He hurried me to a staff member who showed me the class. I carrying a heavy hand bag as I had to come back to Surat the same evening. I went to drink water. I drank for a few minutes before leaving a sigh. I splashed some water on my face just wanting to be in my zone. I rattled a few pockets to find my hall ticket, pencils, pen, eraser, sharpner and bubble gum. I love my bubble gums and I simply can much one for than 8 hours. The record by the way for 12. I love my bubble gums and chewing gums.

XAT went on I wasn't attempting much. I picked and chosed this time XAT's Data Interpretation was something I could fathom, thankfully. There was a lot of questions from "Functions" and from Logic and Reasoning. Solid Mathmatics wasn't quiet there. There is always geometry to fall back on. Then ther paper finished then we were supposed to write an essay on degrading environment and economic growth. The time was for 20 minutes I thought for couple of minutes wrote couple of ideas and wrote the essay everything was over in 12 minutes I just waited for things to get over.

XAT over; party to start.

I had planned to meet up with my final year roomie. He too had the same center as mine.Xaviers. I met him just out of my class. We walked down to Churchgate station. I called a few numbers and asked my friends to meet up at Bandra west station.

We got into the bus. I know Hill Road area like the back of my palm and I virtually now which shopkeeper would be sitting at given point in time. I was a butt for a few jokes when bus took a right towards SV Road instead of stright to hill road tehre was a littel tiff over the exact fares charged and I just turned the tables on all four of them when the bus to a sharp left and came to halt before a restraunt called "Gazebo". I knew I was at my best and my friends did support me in that.Friends good fun.

The beer kept flowing. A royal treat of Tandoori was enjoyed over annecdotes, tales and loud mouthed blabber, laughs and guaffs. There were a few people missing but then we all had a fun. We boys never discussed girls, cricket was always there but it was brushed past as we caught have with what was happening there were a few number exchanged. The Tandoori mean while tasted amazing. The bill came and we looked at each other and had a hearty laugh, the billed was split into people who ate and drank meanwhile the guy who only ate footed in the change.
We laughed becaused more than an year back we would do the saame thing but no one would shell out the money days were chaged coz we were all earning now so money wasn't an isse a it was back in college as well.
Then the Hearsch Bakery was a close next. The burgers and biryani were just too good. We took htree and four people shared them.All said and done it was time to leave. We caught the bus, then the local, people got off at their respective station I came back to Borivali to come back to Surat.
It was a good time spent.

The "world" this week.

I have been a ghost of the blogosphere of late reading everythig write comments and just not commenting. I dont know something or the other happened and I just could not have enough time to login write up and post. It was great to read what everyones upto for new years.This year has a mixed start as off now but thats the way it is.A sad demise of an ageing near relative, an award, a jolted result, meeting people. It has been a mixed bag as off now.I just hope I will post something mid week, if I have the resources at my disposal.

It was Swami Vivekanad's birth anniversary yesterday. He was a great soul, he did much to spread the ethos of peace and harmony and laid foundations for the Great Indian Struggle. He was a gret thinker whoe thoughts still hold their place in todays time. Birthday greeting to man and everyone who was born on 12 of Jan ever.

Movie Review: Guru.

The big film bang in the new years.Mani ratnam has always been one of the better directors which people like to queue up and watch.It is hard to find faults in either the script of the characters or the presentastion. The Guru features the cinematographic genius of Rajiv Menon an axce ad guru and a brilliant cinematographer. There are lot of use of wide angle shots and brilliantly done close ups. It is a rags to riches story about a character who picks up lots of rags on his way to riches.The music and dialogues are well in verse of each other. Ash shoed her presence and Mallika Sherawat also did an item number. There was Mithun Da too, did well to be honest. Vidya Balan makes you stand up and take notice. There is something of the Meena Kumari effect in Vidya Balan's voice. Madhvan did well too. I have this belief about the hindi film world that our "stars" may not have that much in terms of pptential but the supporting class and the technicians (count out special effects) are as good as it can be. The ad-world churns out amazing ads by the hour.
The movie goes and towards a dramatic end. The Guru wins.

The climax may be a bit of a drag but the movie is good but may not be brilliant.

The question in my mind at this point is, "How does one be himself (or herself) when one does not know who he (or she) really is?"


Arz000n said...

Regarding indian cricket....yes, during ma stay in mumbai, I got to catch up few things happening in the camp...News channels are still so obsesssed with cricket..hehehe

and yes, majority of ma time used to go in getting updates on Nithari Hatyakand...tht was scary :((

Keshi said...

nice and different post this time...good on ya Tarun!

**It was Swami Vivekanad's birth anniversary yesterday

u follow his teachings?


Lavanya said...

A post pourri of sorts:-) Cricket, Cat and Guru...good one! Good luck

Sakshi said...

Damn. I thought I had posted my displeasure-- You talk about Guru but not about AB Jr???
Who the heck cares about anything else.. inconsequential thingies those actresses and them all :P

Dalila said...

Very nice post, Tarun!

Tarun said...

@ Arz000n: News channels are obbessed with every damn thing except news.

@ Keshi: :) Not read much of Vivekanand but plan to reade something from him.

@Lavanya: thank U.

@ Sakshi: AB (jr) will wed Ash soon.
Guru was every bit Abhishek, good directors will definetly help AB (jr) for me Mani Ratnam was the Hero of the film.

@ Dalila: Thanks.

Golbguru said...

I am glad you realized there is more to life than CAT and XAT. I can bet everything on the fact that this won't matter much as you grow into more complicated life.

Btw, a few years ago I realized there is more to life than cricket :)

Tarun said...

There is more to life then cricket, but there is something ever enchanting ever alluring in the game of cricket.

Thats why we (me and million others) love the game so much.

Golbguru said...

I know :), don't get me wrong, I still crave for cricket matches and watch when I get a chance...but I would still repeat those words in my earlier comment :)

ღ lil_kath ღ said...

... aww thats a long review ^_^
nice post!! u can try again CAT and SNAP next year haan? its ok dear... goodluck!

Tarun said...

@ Glob: Yes but their are individual likes and dislkies, I confess I am not the craziest Cricket fan but I love seeing a good contest. :)

@ Kathy: :) Yes I can try again this year as well. Lets see. Good to see ur comment.