Cricket: Cricket Calypso style.

I announce the World Cup open said the greatest cricketers alive, Sir Garfield Sobers. He was the top (not one of the top, TOP) run getter and wicket tacker when he hung up his boots. He could do anything with the ball of bat.

Me and Nagu on Gtalk.

No self praise here it was just a guess while me and Nagraj were on G-Talk he asked me what would WI score is said 240 would be good. They ended up scoring 241. Thanks havens. Anyways it is a good score. WI bowling would be tested here.


Wind punched out of Gayle.

Umar Gul. Man Pak is a mine of Fast Bowler. Gayle seems to be exposed with the bowl curving away. Agarkar cropped him last time around in the pratice match Gul did it in this Calypso cricket opener. One down; WI. Pakis draw first blood.

Number One but not quiet there.

I am weary of Sarwan he always give chances to bowlers and must learn to control his naïve shot selection. He is too good perhaps the future captain but he needs to be better. He made a fluent 49 and got out to a dismissal which he would not like to see on replay. He is such a fluent, touch player and to get out in such ordinary way make u feel like plucking his hair out.

Samuels fixes the collapse.

Marlon Samuels may be feeling the pinch here. He is under scanner for not being a good boy. He came good though and helped Lara with repairs of WI innings and made a well compiled 50. he and Lara got out at wrong time. If they would be there then certainly Nagraj would have won the bet. 

Tail wags.

WI has one of the best late orders. The tail wags. They did well and Dwayne Smith made a quick fire 30. A little more caution and 250 would be a winning score. WI bowling feels weird. I hope they come good.

Look whos blogging

Me takes oppourtunity to welcome back Invincible after real long time.Welcome back pal blogosphere seems a bit better with u around.


Inzi would be looking on to get a head start। I think Pakis may win this unless something terrible goes wrong. WI bowlers have their work cut out. I hope they keep fielding a notch above the best if they want to hunt Pakis down.


Keshi said...

so sad that India lost to Bangladesh.

And Pakistan to Ireland!!


Nihal said...

hiya dude! how you doing? i don't think you'd remember me... i used to drop in once in a while out here about feb-mar last year. got back from the ship a couple of months ago. was browsing my archives and came across your blog. hope you doing good mate!

Tarun. said...

@ Keshi: Yes sad... but Bangladesh played well.

@ Nihal: Yes I remember u?

Whats up with u? Next time u make a foreign trip make sure u get urself a Digi Cam and click some snaps and post them :)