Cricket: WC of wrong reasons

My last post could not been posted coz of poor 'Net connection. But things look a bit better for good and for bad.

Off the filed controvery.

When sport, any sport is in the headlines for non sporting reason there is something out of place. Bob Woolmer was killed, I sensed foul play the instant I heard it. It is so sad. The betting and fixing syndicate is responsible as they say but the plot is wide and thick and things are not what it seems to be. It is a sorry state.

Lossers have anew name.

The Team India / Men in Blue/ God knows what else, bowed out to quick too soon. The Indian team is quiet not what if use to be or what it could be. The team looks brilliant on the paper, but then cricket is not played on paper. The bowling lacked the sting and batting tits (e)steem. It was sorry to see. I dont know what happens next but then Tendulkar bowed out for zero. I have always considered Tendulkar is the greatest run scorer but not the greatest run getter. I dont know the reason for this, he has always made runs never won "enough" matches, the proof is the fact India has not seen enough contribtuions from him especially in Test and in matches we have won. It is disconcerting.

Possible reasons of ouster.

It is just a hypothesis and we never know the exact reason coz such is the nature India Cricket. I think possible reason is some kind of weird psychosis going on were too much is expect in the wrong manner. The psyche seems too be dented and the whole team gets heavy footed for wrong reason.Give up the agony guys put up a fight. I mean fight it out to the best u can do.

I feel the agony has ended coz India would be minnowed under very very mentally tough teams in cricket. Did u saw Aussies cracking SAfs? The world Cup deserves to be with Aussies coz u got be great to snatch it from them. They and only they show how to play cricket. scoring forties and bowling in 125 kmph will take you only one way, out of the world cup. There is a crisis which can be sorted out provided right people are given right responsibilities. RD is a good captain but better selection and better belief and urge to fight on can get one better result provided we stick through people. I think there is complete overhauling necessary, which includes over hauling pitches even at the most localest of place.
The suggestion from my end would play on uncovered pitches coz thats something bowlers need to learn their trait on. The money is no issue coz India Board is one of the richest sports governing body. How is the cricket administration is run is a wonder in itself. The stellar performances at home combines with extra odrinary hype has what got the biggest jolt.The batsmen will need to grind in and spin talent would develop though.
It is the right time to go back to the drawing board. It is a test of an honest and peaceful Team India Fan. Guys just do it, we are there with you. :)

Realty checque for all.

Cricket Admins, Cricketers fans and meida has got the biggest jolts in the recent history. There is no questions that things are not well, but can someone and stand up and take responsibility of having something wrong and say we will set it right. I think they not as physically fit and mental fitness stand at dismal level. The game (as the world) has got more demanding both mentally and physically.
I mean at times one should talk to near one (this is for all not only cricketers) coz sometimes out of anxiety and incorrect perception we park into dilemma when the solutions could be very simple to understand. Those solutions could be tough to apply, but the bad things is they are the only solutions. One has to grind oneself.

Silver cloud and black lining.

India and Pakis ouster means super right has been reduced to super six. The way Hayden played means Aussies are in a firm position to retain the WC which seemed highly unlikely but then who knows. It is the game of glorious uncertainities. I personally want someone else to win just for the sake of change. I think NZ are worth challengers hope Bond bowls them through.

I want to blog and blog coz these days I miss blogging


Keshi said...

I know..I was rather shocked that India was out.


~Lord Anshul said...

i was shocked too..but i was more hurt because of attitude of people..

wat doing ads has to do wid it..ppl are just jealous of them getting so much for so little..

i simply say, money is directly proportional to responsibility..now if these cricketrs are responsible for emotions of public in india...they deserve to be paid heavily

Rajdeep said...

wonderful work
keep it on
infinite news/stuffs for all

Tarun. said...

@ Keshi: I was pleaseantly shocked. I simply preffered them coming home and me not spending some sleep less nights over other guys ( Team India) foolishness. :D

@ Anhsul: Yo Man ... (Bang Bang Bang) Man people and opinions ... now dont force me to give my opnion.

@ Rajdeeep: Hey Rajdeep tanks for coming in ...