Blog: Sunday times.

How is the blogosphere? Wow feels great already, life has been bit of drag while things all round have been racing. It often feels lifes come a full circle. I don't know, but thats true for most things and there are many of them. The seasons has changed I loathe the days but then the watermelons often after dinner tend to soothe things are little. The advent of summers have made sure things are getting hot under the collar and the feeling of life running on the treadmill seems to get more pretense. It is tough being honest with oneself especially if you wiegh yourself with the expectation of people around you. It is tough at times. The worst thing I feel is go one thinking about you. You can't please everyone and you can't please everyone. The only thing is yearn to improve and have a sense of accountability with ones self and I mean being Honest to the core.A little bit of selflessness wont hurt. But why is it something so difficult to do? IS it easy for You to let go of pretensions, worries, stress dilemmas and confusion and everything which makes u questions every damn thing other than your own actions. Why is it tough to follow what the heart says rather then what the mind sees?

I often not do what the instincts says coz my mind/thought process/brain tells me something else. Is it just a Gemini persona or am I trying to say something to myself that I don't want myself to now. The best part of it all is at the end of it you just want to laugh like a cynic. I dont know but often while I am working I have a feel of just Laughing out loud. I love that feeling. I mean you are working on something and all of sudden you hear yourself laughing till your stomach hurts and tears roll off. I had this feeling couple of nights back and I couldn't help myself laughing.

I know it is weird you don't need to irk about it, but being tied down and lonely is something I don't prefer. I mean bring on the people lets roll out some laughs.

Second edit later in the day.


Sakshi said...

Hey Tarun, Nice to see the new look of the blog. I guess you are still working out the kinks.
But I liked the look.

On the post, I think it is more important to please yourselves rather than others. As you said you can not make everyone happy. But since you get to live only once, should it be more important to be happy yourself?

Keshi said...

New look ha...nice!

I cant and wont please everyone..neither do I expect others to please me.


~Lord Anshul said...

kya be...this look is very girly...

change kar

and for post..i care about few ppl..but only few..
baaki duniya jaaye bhaad mein

Tarun. said...

@ Sakshi: Thanks Sakshi, yes few bits heres and there need to be done.
At times happiness seems superfluous but it is better to keep select people out of thoughts coz no matter what they will remain jerk.

@Keshi: Thanks Keshi. yeah Viva Life.

@ Anshul: Yaar colour combo choose karne mein watt lag gayi.

Neha said...

nice new look!! u hv been away from the blog too.. whats been happening?

~Lord Anshul said...

abe thora html mein khilwaad kar..fir peace ho jaayega :)..thora sa change in template

Tarun said...

@ Neha: I have been busy with office and blog blocked coz India crashed out of WC.
Whats happening with u?

@ Anshul: Yaar colour choose karne mein wat lag jati hai