Cricket: Four on Forefront.

Aussies, Kiwis, Lankans and SAfs have made it to the semis of WC. I don't think there are surprises here. I think I did not wanted Aussies to win. But the way they have played they deserve to win the WC 07. No one else even is a close second. They can wrap up anyone anytime.


Gold. They play and win. Hayden and Ponting have forgotten what it is to get out in single digits. Gilchrist can get to ten. They play four bowlers and lack the quality spinner. It hurts me when Hogg take wickets. But he does and Aussies win. They are a complete team. If anyone wants to understand what innovations mean, look at Aussies. They revolutionized one day cricket with day and night stuff. Then when the world catch up, they started scorig 300 or more in a day in the test match. The team rest on fitness and they are supremely fits. If one gets injured he is replaced by a player whose only better than the one being replace and now in One Days Hayden comes and bludgeons the best bowlers to submission while the others "contribute".

I think only Aussies seem worthy of this WC. I mean it will be a big perhaps the biggest upset ever if they are to crash out. Lets look at teams who are rolling uptheir sleeves and may challenge Aussies in their quest for the third consecutive WC victory and perhaps the fourth consecutive WC Final appearance.

I wonder why they never blame the conditions now a days.What do they do to adjust so fast to conditions?


The lack spinners. no dearth of all rounders. Kemp, Boucher, Kallis, Hall,Pollock so lots of options with Graeme Smith. The one options he doesn't have is a spinner. A quality spinner. One who could claim Aussies wickets ;P. This thing draws against them. Greame Smith looks good so does Kallis and Gibbs and Devilleirs. I hope they can muster aenough courage and play the right tricks on Aussies if they are to beat them. Pollock is genuine quality opening bowler even if Hayden may disagree. Ntine looks good but wayward at times. I hope Smith is praying for lots of luck coz he needs it if he wishes to lay his hands on that Cup.


Slow bowlers are they key. Murali will always be under pressure no matter how Vaas performs. Lankans too have many options. They must fit in attapattu somewhere. Jayasuriya can blast anytime but his record away from lanka is ordinary. The middle order is fragile though. Jayawardene is a good player and taking the team along. Sangakarra sup0ports him well but he would be itching to make an impact with the bat. I hope their middle order doesn't crumble under pressure.


They lost to Aussies but I hope they did not peak too early. Bond did not play it was something difficult to fathom. The too have lots of options. Lots of bowlers and lots of batsmen, key people who can deliver. Vettori is as good a spinner i may likely to find these days.
I hope they have their plans settled out.

Prince of Cricket bids adieu to the game.

Brian lara will play his last game today. I mean he was and will be so good. The only thing that separated him from Tendulkar was he could bat for ages and win it for the team something Tendulkar could not always replicate especially in Test. lara always has had huge appetite for big runs. He was a weird palayer. I mean it is sometimes shame to see him get out. He could do anything on his day and people would just stand in awe and shock. here is to u Lara.


~Lord Anshul said...

u think tht way..i feel aussies this time are more vulnerable thn ever...i feel thr middle order is a gone case..and so is thr bowling..and biggest concern is tht gilchrist and hussey are out of form..

my bet is on newzealand..they have a greatttt side..

Keshi said...

so who do u go for now?


Tarun said...

@ Anshul: Nah! I think Aussie are ver likely to take the WC home.

@ Keshi: Aussies.