Cricket: Aussie and WC

If there is any team that can claim any right to call any title in World Cricket their own is Aussie. They deserve to win and may win. But as I sit and right this. SL are through to Finals. Aussie will be perhaps there as well before anyone comments on this post. The Aussie have steam rolled SAfs for paltry 149 and Aussie are 10 for one. I expect them to get the score by the 25 if not the 20 over. They deserve to be there. I think this is their strongest performance I have seen. They have looked down and out in the past but this WC has seen nothing like that. They may lose to Lankans but thats another story.
If Lankans has to beat them then what the Aussies have done is to make sure that a team beats them and not any individual. There were teams when Aussie were beaten by individuals, Sachin, Lara, Dravid have done it (in tests and sometimes in ODI) but not this one. The lone worry is Gilchrist but then it is not yet over.Hussey may be another worry. But they can manage them with someone else who will come and tonk the opposition harder.

A score of 149 has little to offer. Tait was clocking 150 as our "pace" bowlers easily touch 120. I mean there is no dearth of options. Ponting has the best men in business to lead so often his leadership abilities may not be explored. SAFs are chokers they have had two defeats at the hand off Aussie and this Semi final was to say the least damn paltry. If I could make one suggestion to cricket lover/admins/players it would be spinner. U guys will remain chokers if u don't find a spinner soon.

NZ well they will always remain second best as well. They have been defeat in semi more than 6 times now. They don't know to handle the spinning ball. 4 wickets for 3 runs claimed by spinners that said it all. Lankans need to play out of their skins to claim the cup I hope they do it or else Aussie will take the Cup home.They deserve it the most.


~Lord Anshul said...

hmm..true true,..they are on rampage.
SL has better bowling attack than them, but thr batting is pathetic. they can win if and only if either jayasuriya or sangakkara performs

Keshi said...

Aussies won already :) I was betting on Aus to win.


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Wowoww! Am here after almost ages .. and I see a beautiful new template .. very pleasant indeed .. and ur updates on cricket as usual .. how u been?? we havent really chatted in a long time now isnt it??

I'll try being more regular here hehe ... u tc!

Tarun said...

@ Anshul: Man congrats for IIM-C anyways ... Aussies are the team to beat.

@ Keshi: Yes well done Aussies.

@ Loony:I am good Loony.I had been t Ngp ;P yes the new template is a welcome change for all i ncluding me. Whats up with u?

Keshi said...

but the WC final was a farce this time.