Blog: Passing week and traffic.

The WC is over. The Aussie won, what a surprise was that. Anyways I was away to Nagpur for couple of days, there was suppose to be a felicitation but I could not make it.I hope I will be able to see my degree one day in my own two hands.I will wait. I then decided to meet a few people. I met her.... I mean *Her*. It has been an age, 16 months can u believe that? I don't! Anyways Nagpur was hot damn hot and well above 45 degree Celcius. It was damn tiring. But then agony of weather wilted under meeting people. I hope I could meet a few more people there was a long list but then there are plans and there is reality. These don't often share the same photo frame. I was great fun meeting everybody I met. I think many of u know her and some of you don't. She knows some of you and while some of them she is ignorant about some of you.Thats the way life is. I wonder if there is one day where I would be with all my friends I have ever know.It wont happen people are spread too far and wide across the country and I think perhaps the whole globe.

I stayed at this friends place. It was fun living all the old moments. We spent last year of engineering laughing it was fun especially if you look back now. God know when will I learn to not look back at times that have gone back but just a glimpse back at the shoulder sometimes such good times to life.It is so tough to let go of the past. I hope I learn it soon coz you cant grasp future if you have your hands full with the past the only thing you will is get disappointment. It is always tough for me to give 100% of me into everything to what I do. I guess that you got to give it all with dreaming of desired returns, if one starts dreaming of results then one ceases to give 100%. He who ceases to be better ceases to be good.One brick at a time will.But every time.

I don't know but relationships is something I don't discuss much. I thought of it as always a stronger forms of friendship but I slowly realizing it is not only about friendship. I have had good friends some stick some part ways but then you can always catch up with people if time permits. I was wary of relationship I am perhaps still but then gradually all thing do sink in to the realm of understanding provided you are ready to fathom of it. It is something I have not discussed on my blog. I don't understand the whole funda of it. But I have tried explaining it to some of the bloggers.The internet give great anonymity and people listen to you without inhibitions not always without the perceptions though. There is everyone wants attention so if people listen (and appreciate) one feels a bit more relaxed.I don't think I do not mean to divulge too much on relationship beyond this, on relationship it is something one wishes to guard zealously.It is a weird thing to realize and harder to explain it to people around. I think my folks have had a hang of it. But there are a few things which are on priority right now so a few things have to wait.

My father has been transferred back to Mumbai. It has been three years here in Surat. I think it has been a great stay in Surat he has seen it all and perhaps did more then he ever did anywhere in his long career. I happen to meet one of my cousin who I did not knew lived here. Then there are lots more people. Surat has had happy memories. The life in Surat was nothing short of happening, gala social functions, celebrations, ceremonies, floods and all that chaos that happened in last monsoons. This had been more than eventful phase in my parents life.My parents are more than happy to move back to Mumbai. A city where I have spent all my growing years. Surat has to be left when I believe we were almost settling in. Mumbai awaits them among all chaos and madness. The city has different zing no doubt that. I know it as good as anyone. But thats how life is, one has to give their best. I will not be moving to Mumbai. I have a job here in Surat and as my parents shift places things will fast forward career-wise for me. I have a tough training coming up. I last crack at CAT and lots more thing happening. It will be a weird. I will leave my parents after joining them after engineering. I was with them for couple of years and now I will be packing my bags soon. The blogging scene is what I am worried of as my net access in the office has been limited. It is that way all over.Anyways not that I have been blogging a great deal but then it is fun to say the least. I miss blog at times but at times I have justed deleted post half way coz I did not wanted to blog. I simply did not care where my posts were going. A change of template would have been a welcome change for "readers".

It was moer to do with the summers then something else. I wish I knew more graphics and add some special touches but then too much of gloss is something I dont like. I prefer simplicity. I had torrid time fixing colours. Thanks to Z000nie and Sakshi who helped fix a few colours. My hats of to people ho design and keep up web pages great work guys. :) The whole philosophy was to make one's own template. I thought of adding a template from Bloggers and then from other site but settled to being Psycho! I love what I did a few more changes may be done suggestions are welcome.
But don't imagine it to be put up too soon.

The life continues to be at crossroads of dilemma as traffic and weeks go on.

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Second Edit.

I got this tag from Keshi. It has been an age since I last did a tag.I think I would do this one. There are not lots of people coz everyone thinks a tag is a bit of drag apart from that here is the tag that goes by the name of Seven.

7 Things I want to do in this lifetime.

  1. Go around the seven continents.
  2. Own a sexy music system.
  3. Make a big study table for myself (atleast design it)
  4. Write a book.
  5. Meet all my blogger friends.
  6. Get into a big B-School. ( I know the frenzy)
  7. Push beyond my limits.
7 Things I CAN do.

  1. Wake up with an alarm clock.
  2. Laugh when no one is around and nothings happened.
  3. Bubble inside a bubble from a bubble gum.
  4. Pen tricks, swirl and twirl it around the fingers.
  5. Stay awake at odd hours. (after lunch for example).
  6. Beat deadlines.
  7. Buy things for myself.(I have started earning you know :D)
7 things I can't do.

  1. Plan.
  2. Cry over spilled milk.Move it man keep going.
  3. Pull people down.
  4. Stay hungry.
  5. Learn to spend judiciously.
  6. Dance.(I am lazy and still to have the just the right Dance partner.)
  7. Keep people waiting.
7 things that attract me to a girl.

  1. Eyes.
  2. Wit.
  3. Girl at ease. (not to fidgetting too much)
  4. Long Hair.
  5. Smile.
  6. Non squeaky voice.
  7. No over make up please.
7 Things I say most often.

  1. Waat hai boss.
  2. आईला.
  3. क्या?
  4. Cut the crap.
  5. Kya baat hai.
  6. माँ भूक लगी.
  7. Let it be.

It is a short tag if anyone likes it and takes it up please inform me.


Sakshi said...

It's good that you got to spend time with friends and *Her* :)

Keshi said...

:) kya baat hai Tarun?

u wanna meet all the bloggers? I havent even met one :(


~Lord Anshul said...

oh i have already done this 7 tag..
and meeting blog frnds..i have met none. have met a lot of orkut frnds though :)

Tarun said...

@ Sakshi: Yah thanks its fun to spend time people u meet after ages. :D

@ Keshi: I have met Sudeep.He is gem of a guy.It was fun meeting him.

@ Anshul: Lets meet.Hail Gerrard go liverpool.

Bea said...

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