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The following are some of the songs which one would love to listen on radio all night, day and night. The list is a random list of personal favourites ranging through the times across the singers whose voice makes the stars glow brighter as night reigns in the dreams of tomorrows and let the times just float by.

1. रात के हमसफ़र: An old time Asha Rafi track picturised on a charming Shammi Kapoor whom I consider one of the most handsome hero to have ever dawn on Hindi film cinema along him was Sharmila Tagore sultry and all that style and persona along with all that goes with being Bohemian.Classic song. The singers Asha well can anyone be blessed with that spectrum off voice.Rafi his disciplined almost ruled the 60s all by himself when Raj Kapoor-Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand were all over the place churning out magnum opus and drama.Shammi starred in what were the criminal murder mystery thrillers along with the side kick Rajendernath.The songs which he appeared in are being still remixed till date.The great Pancham signing tunes of his geniuses.
A movie to thrill go watch "An evening in Paris" for any reason you like.

2. आधा है चन्द्रमा रात आधी: Another classic song from yesteryears.This one is from the movie "Navrang" Just follow it to read m ore about the film and some of the songs in the movie.It was typical of movies to have great numbers. It was the notion at that time that sadder the movie the more it ruled the box office.It was also an age (it seems distant now) when music soothed heart lyrics charmed the minds.

3. रात कली एक ख़्वाब : A signature Kishore song, teasing and filrting. A movie featuring Navin Nischol and dont remember the heorin, i hope it was Jaya but dont remember exactly. बुद्ध मील गया।

4. येह रात यह चान्दिनी है फिर कहॉ: The Hemant Kumar I hope some of you have heard to inform me on whom it was picturised and what was the मूवी.

5. रात अकेली है : The movie is "Jewel Thief" picturised on an ever Dev Anand and the original vivacious, Tanuja, consider to be the better of the sibblings to loose out. The song in which Tanuja's character has this big crush over a guy selling jewellery stones (played by Dev Anand). She plans to seduce her crush but never comes close as he is already in charms of Vyjanthimala's character. The plot only thickens giving many an immortal songs. One of those include a personal favourites, "आसमाँ के नीचे" picturised on Dev Anand and Vyjanthi but this one does not fit the theme of this post.

6. ढलती जाये रात: Another Asha and Rafi duet. The movie is Razia Sultan the one released way back in 1961. The new one featured Hema Malini and naram Dharam. The new one features an all time Lata classic ऐ दील ए नादान|

7. आज कि रात: This track ought to be in the minds. The movie is Don the one in which SRK starred. It also had Priyanka and Isha dancing on Shankar Ehsaan Loy theme. It is a rave song that get you going. It has been sung by Alisha, Mahalaxmi and Sonu.

8. Lets make a night to remember. A Bryan Adams track. One can go about singing to one love. I got never ever tired of listening to this song. A list cannot be complete with the masters words.Hail Bryan.

9. फीर छिद्ही रात,रात फूलों की : This one is from the movie बज़ार. The song is sung by a hunk, Talat Aziz and the nightingale herself Lata. I डॉन't think I have seen movie. It is from "Parallel Cinema". The cast is impressive see it for yourself if you wish to.

There are million song on रात, चांद, हुस्न, इश्क, गुम and मजबूर . I always loved the song describing thenight. There may be a million of track ever song having the word raat but could had just these numbers in my mind when I sat and wrote this post.


Sakshi said...

Nice list. Some are my favorites :)
The song "Yeh raat..." is from the movie Jaal, picturised on Dev Anand and Geeta bali. Movie was written and directed by Guru Dutt..
The Budha Mil Gaya heroine is not Jaya but Archana.
ANd Bazaar is a must see movie. Just fantastic. Something that takes the pain of myriad pot churners that bollywood spawns out everyday away.

Tarun said...

@ Sakshi: Gold Silver and Bronze .... lol
Thanks for the list.Did "Ms. Archana" act in more movies/Is she a star mum now? :D

Loon said...

oh how sad .. i dont know any of those :( :( :(